Talk to me,pet!

Animal communicators claim to be able to speak to your pets, sometimes when they are lost, by connecting telepathically through pictures

Buddy, a five-year-old dog, was found near a construction site in Bangalore by Kurush Siganporia. He was heavily injured, blood oozing out through his eyes. Siganporia, being an animal lover, took him immediately to a hospital, and he was saved. But his eyesight was permanently lost.

Days passed as Buddy became part and parcel of Siganporia’s everyday life, but there was one question that haunted him. “I was eager to know the cause of Buddy’s blindness, but I never got the answer. I wanted to talk to him, but then he was just a dog. How could he have replied?” Until he met Ashu Nathani. While working with Nathani on a project, he mentioned Buddy — and that is when she revealed that she can talk to animals.

“At first, I was sceptical. But my wife and I decided to give it a shot. We asked Ashu to communicate with Buddy and ask him the reason for his blindness, and she claimed that he was involved in a terrible car accident, that had not only rendered him blind but also injured his legs,” says Siganporia.

Nathani started communicating with animals some two-and-a-half years back. “I am in love with animals, and I have always had a special bond with them. If there is someone I am attached to the most, it’s my dog. But I always wanted to know what he thought and always wanted to communicate with him,” she says. “So, I attended this two-week workshop by Manjiri Latey in Pune, and that is how I learnt to communicate telepathically with animals,” she adds.

Ashu says that animal communicators like her can connect to animals telepathically without even seeing them. “I ask the owner to send us a picture of the pet via Whatsapp, along with the name, gender and age,” says Annukta Ganjoo, a communicator based out of Mumbai, who claims that they can even trace lost pets. “Then I close my eyes and try to communicate with the animal, and talk to it. Even if it is far away, we manage to communicate by establishing a psychic connection with the animal”.
Anand Siva had lost his pet blind cat, and was searching for him for days. He had lost hope, but then he came in contact with Ganjoo, and hope revived. “Once I saw his picture, I closed my eyes and tried to communicate with the cat, says Ganjoo. The cat told me that he was in an area where there was a well on an elevated ground. We searched for such an area, and it happened to be near Anand’s place; we searched a lane adjacent to the well. We found the cat”.

She adds a rider. “There is no certainty that we will find your pet. It all depends on whether the animal wants to tell me its location, or they just want to be left alone and not return to the owner”, she says.

These communicators not only claim to connect with living animals, but also with animals that have passed away. “When we communicate with animals, we communicate with its soul and not the physical body. So, the animal may or may not be present physically in this world”, says Priyanka Hosangadi, a communicator based in Pune.

“Once during my training workshop, I connected to a dog who was terminally ill, and he told me that he was in a lot of pain at that time. The next day, at around 12 noon, I connected with the dog and we had a pretty good conversation, where he told me that now he was absolutely alright. Later I came to know that the dog had passed away that morning itself”, says Priyanka.


The one string that connects these animal communicators is that they trained under Manjiri Latey, who can be considered a pioneer in the field of telepathic communication with animals. Starting almost 10 years back after her dog passed away, Latey conducts workshops every year where she trains people like her to communicate with animals.

“You don’t need to have any special powers to communicate with the animals’ souls. Every human being is born with this psychic ability, but we choose to be ignorant about it. My workshops aim at harnessing these powers that innately exist in everyone”, says Latey, who collaborates with the world’s most renowned animal communicator, Maia Kincaid for her workshops.

However, there are people who choose not to believe in this sixth sense. According to veteran veterinary doctor Vijay Yadav, this is nothing but a hoax. “Scientifically, it is not possible to talk to animals. There are certain people who are called behaviourologists who study animal behaviour and body language and diagnose what is wrong with the animal. That is the closest you could get in talking to animals,” he says. “ All this is a way to target a person’s weakness towards his pet, and extract money through hocus-pocus”, he adds.

Sceptics do not bother Latey. “There will always be people who don’t believe you, but we choose to ignore them. In fact, there have been many sceptics who have attended my workshop and emerged as big believers”, she says.
“Our aim is to be the voice of the voiceless animals, and by being their voice, we are not only helping the animal, but we are also aiding their owners who care so much about them”, concludes Latey.

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