The fusion of taste and elegance

- March 12, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

Anglow Cocktail Bar and Kitchen in Khan Market, which specialises in Anglo-Indian dishes and offers a wide range of entrées, has a diverse menu that caters to every palate. The bar offers a drink for every mood

AT A GLANCE: The bar is the focal point of the restaurant

As one enters Anglow Cocktail Bar and Kitchen, an array of smiles and goodwill gestures welcome you and immediately put you at ease. Soft lighting casts a warm glow over the space, creating a sense of intimacy and comfort. The decor is eclectic and stylish, and comfortable sofas lay on the corner of the restaurant.

The bar, placed at the centre of the room, has an impressive arrangement of bottles and glasses lining the shelves behind it. A customer, sitting on a barstool, chats with the bartender as he sips cocktails. Abba’s Mamma Mia in the background adds to the ambience.

Situated in Delhi’s Khan Market, Anglow is the brainchild of seasoned hospitality masters who have curated a one-of-a-kind Anglo-Indian dining experience.

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It pays tribute to the Khansamas, the Indian cooks of British-era Memsahibs. Inspired by the tales of well-kept secrets of the Anglo-Indian kitchens that very few from the previous generations have managed to keep alive, Anglow promises to bring the stunning flavours from the past.

What makes Anglow’s menu special is its diversity. The menu is divided into sections, each showcasing a particular category of food, such as appetisers, hot plates, avocado toasts, pastas, platters, pizzas, puddings, soups, salads and bar nibbles. Each dish is described in detail, highlighting the ingredients and preparation methods used to create a truly unique flavour profile. The dishes include Anglo-Indian, Mexican, Continental and North Indian.

The restaurant specialises in distinctly Anglo-Indian fare ranging from Shami Kebabs, to the dish that became legendary among European settlers here in India — the Railway Curry (mutton with cottage cheese), invented during the Raj when the British needed a hearty meal that could be easily prepared and served on the trains. The curry here, made with tender chunks of mutton or cottage cheese, is cooked with Culcutta spices, coconut cream, and vinegar.

The menu is designed in such a way that it draws both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers, and the expectation of the customers is always kept in mind whenever the food is served.

ARRAY OF TASTE: Railway Mutton Curry and Fish & Chips

“A lot of customers praise our food and give us some suggestions to include in the Mains section. To take care of it, we have decided to add a few new dishes and launch a new menu. Most of the new additions are vegetarian as decided by the customers’ feedback,” says Ranjeet Singh, head chef.

In the Mains section, one is greeted by mouth-savouring names such as Assorted Mushroom, Chicken (Cooked in vegetable stock, spices, coconut milk, and tamarind), Fish and Chips (Halibut fillet rubbed with garlic, mustard and lime, and fried in beer and flour batter), Crock Pot Roast Lamb (Lamb marinated in garlic, Worcestershire sauce, ground pepper, served with mash, seasonal vegetables, and brown sauce), and Chicken Tikka (A classic British-Indian dish with yoghourt and tomato based curry, complemented by Indian spices).

The appetiser section boasts of an array of options, from Deviled Scotch eggs, Pesto Lemon Chicken, Andra Prawns, Recheado Fish and Deccan Paneer, among others.

FOOD AND DRINKS: Mimosa, Anglow Spice, and Andhra Prawns

“The customers love our Grilled Chicken, Pesto Lemon Chicken, Nachos, and, of course, the Railway Mutton Curry. We emphasise a lot on the presentation of the food as first impressions are quite important. The presentation has to be as good as the food!” Singh says.

Anglow’s signature cocktail Anglow Spice, named after the restaurant, is inspired by the popular American Souther Derby drink – The Mint Julep. The cocktail has different flavours, complemented by a gush of spices. Bourbon whiskey is served with a mint sprig, burning cinnamon stick, orange zest with ‘Anglow’ written on it, and a blackberry on the top!

Coco Malt, another famous drink among customers, is a coconut fat-washed scotch whiskey served with honey, maple syrup, ginger, blueberry, and orange zest.

SMOKE AND LAUGHTER: The balcony of the restaurant is lively

“Customers here love these two cocktails especially. Even when we change our bar menu, these are the drinks that remain,” says Shubham Pathani, head mixologist.

“Usually, we do seasonal cocktails. As summer is approaching, there will be more refreshing and hydrating cocktails. In winter, we make cocktails that are good for the health. We have made the process sustainable. As you can see, we only use organic items, such as orange zest, for presentation,” he adds.

INTIMATE: The upper floor is cosy and comfortable

Other entrées include Ginger Fume (Peated Scotch Whiskey, Apricot Jam, Ginger, Lime, Simple Syrup, Thyme Smoke), Clear Mary (A combination of Bloody Mary and Corpse Reviver No. 2), to King’s Derby (a famous drink with bourbon whiskey, almonds, dark chocolate, angostura bitters, and red cherry). The beverage menu is dedicated to customers and satisfies both connoisseurs and beginners.

The restaurant is a fusion of food, taste and elegance. The staff is welcoming and eager to help. The balcony is lively, but for couples, we’ll suggest grabbing a seat on the upper floor.