Direction gives me more enjoyment: Himanshu Malik

- June 18, 2023
| By : Santosh Mehta |

Actor Himanshu Malik, known for his role in 2001 film Tum Bin, says direction gives him satisfaction as he discusses his new project Chitrakut

ON THE SET: Himanshu Malik discusses a scene with Shruti Bapna

Actor Himanshu Malik, who gained recognition for his performance in the film Tum Bin (2001), started his acting career with Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996). His other work includes Jungle (2000), Khwahish (2003) and Rog (2005), among others.

In 2012, Malik ventured into direction and script writing and the outcome was a short feature named QED – Quod Erat Demonstrandum – a 45-minute adult comedy about a detective failing to crack a case.

While Malik’s career in the film industry has been relatively low-profile, he is a known-yet-obscure face in cinema. Besides, he has worked as a producer too, and founded Films Private Limited in 2014.
His new directorial project Chitrakut is streaming on Jio Cinema. Patriot talked with Malik to know more about his journey with the film.

Q: How did you select the title Chitrakut? What is the theme of the movie?

A: Chitrakut (Chitrakoot) is a place in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. In the film, it is a symbolic name because it is a place where Ram and Seeta lived during their exile. Many people know about this place, especially young couples, because it is famous as a honeymoon destination. Moreover, the title is easy to remember and this is how it came up.

It is a story that focuses on modern love between five young people. It’s an interesting kind of story and I am getting good feedback from all kinds of people.

SNEAK PEAK: The poster of Chitrakut, now streaming on Jio Cinema

Q: How long did it take you to shoot?

A: For the shooting of my film, it took me about 35 to 40 days. But I spent one year researching and writing the film script. I have done this without any help.

The film is shot in three places: Mumbai, Pune and Goa. I wanted to shoot this film in a quiet, lovely atmosphere and I chose Goa, which felt like a perfect location for the film.

Q: What was your experience while shooting in these places?

A: I found all these three locations good and I enjoyed shooting in these places. As you know, Goa is known for its natural beauty and it has beautiful churches, beaches, and I love Portuguese buildings; they are out of the crowd. People are friendly and warm there. So, my location manager decided on this place. However, in Mumbai, I had my own set-up for shooting and Pune was also good; people were helpful there.

Q: Any particular budget of Chitrakut?

A: I would say that it is a medium budget film.

Q: You have three actresses in the film: Auritra Ghosh, Naina Trivedi and Shruti Bapna. How was the experience working with them?

A: All the actresses are amazing and talented. They are well informed about films and they have performed extremely well in the film. I wanted all these actors to look different in my film, so I am happy to watch their performance – which is quite unique and satisfactory.
Moreover, I had seen Naina Trivedi in Highway and she works for television as well. So I am familiar with her work. Aurita Ghosh is also known for her film Love Breakups Zindagi and she has acted in award-winning digital thriller A.I.S.H.A: My Virtual Friend. Shruti Bapna has a profile of successful films like Wake Up Sid, Rowdy Rathore, and Mardaani 2. So, I am fortunate to have these three dynamic actresses who gave terrific performances in Chitrakut.

Q: Do you think being an actor one can easily get into direction?

A: If you are an actor, many basic things about filmmaking are clear to you. For instance, I know how to face the camera. This gives an edge to my directing career because I personally know how the actors feel. This makes direction quite comfortable for me. Direction also gives me more enjoyment and I look forward to working on other projects in future.

Q: You are practicing adventurous sports like scuba diving and paragliding, how do you manage?

A: I used to practice scuba diving and paragliding because I love taking challenges, but now I am not able to spare time for these due to my career as a director.

Q: Anybody in the film industry from your family?

A: Nope. I am the only one in this industry.

Q: Any Delhi memories?

A: My sister and mother live in Delhi (south Delhi) and I go there often. I love the city because it is a happening place.

Q: Any upcoming projects!

A: Yes, I am busy acting in director Ashwni Dhir’s film, who is famous for Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge, Son Of Sardar, and television serials Gharwaali Uparwali.

Q: Any message for upcoming artists who want to try their luck in films?

A: It’s always better to know if a career in the film industry is your calling. Listen to your heart first, then only you can decide whether you want to get into films or not.