It was humbling to be nominated for the Emmy Award: Shefali Shah

- May 13, 2024
| By : Santosh Mehta |

The actor, with a career spanning nearly three decades, dazzled audiences through performances in 'Delhi Crime' and 'Three of Us'

HONOUR: Shefali Shah with the Critics Choice Award for her role in 'Three of Us'

Veteran Bollywood actor Shefali Shah, who has featured in hit films like Rangeela, Satya, Monsoon Wedding, and Waqt, continues to captivate audiences with her latest performances in Delhi Crime and Three of Us. She was nominated for Emmy Awards for her performance in Delhi Crime in 2023.

Shefali, who first shot to limelight thanks to her portrayal of Kasturba Gandhi in the film Gandhi, My Father, an Indo-British co-production, has collaborated with renowned directors such as Ram Gopal Verma and Mira Nair in her career spanning 28 years.

Beyond her acting career, Shefali leads a fulfilling personal life in Mumbai as a wife and mother with husband Vipul Shah, a director and producer, and their two sons.

Shefali spoke to Patriot on the sidelines of an event in Delhi held to launch Dish TV Smart+ services. She emphasised on the significance of compelling storytelling, regardless of the platform and stressed on the value of bundling services for customers.

Excerpts from the interview:

Can you share your thoughts on being nominated for the Emmy Award?

It was incredibly humbling to be nominated for the award alongside talented artists. This nomination is particularly special to me because it’s for my portrayal of Vartika Chaturvedi, a character I deeply connect with. Also, I am excited about receiving the National Award for Delhi Crime web series.

Your performance in Delhi Crime received widespread acclaim. How does that make you feel?

It’s gratifying to see that audiences appreciated my role in Delhi Crime. As an actress, it’s immensely rewarding to know that my work resonates with viewers.

TWO TO TANGO: Shefali Shah with husband Vipul Shah, who is a director and producer

What is your take on [deepfake] viral videos of Bollywood actors during election time?

While it’s natural for actors to share snippets of their lives, it’s essential [for everyone] to use social media responsibly and avoid causing any harm. Posting videos like [actors] singing Kishore Kumar’s songs can be a positive use of social media, but it’s crucial to be mindful of the impact of our [irresponsible] actions.

Do you think smartphones or films on OTT are distracting children from their studies?

I believe children learn from example. My own experience with my son showed me that they pick cues from our behaviour. It’s about how we guide them and provide a positive environment. Films and smartphones can be educational if used appropriately.

How do you approach playing diverse roles in Bollywood films?

Versatility is part of the job of an actor. I embrace the challenge of portraying different characters. It’s not difficult for me because it’s what I signed up for when I chose this career.

Where do you rate your latest films?

Three of Us and Delhi Crime are among my favourites, along with others that have left a lasting impression on me.

Tell us about your experience of filming Delhi Crime?

I remember being captivated by the story and the city of Delhi itself. Working on Delhi Crime was an incredible experience from start to finish, and I feel privileged to have been a part of it.

Can you tell us about the upcoming projects?

I am currently working on some exciting projects, but am not at liberty to discuss them yet. Stay tuned for updates from my director or producer regarding the upcoming ventures.

You are attending Dish TV’s smart services launch. How do you think it will help the viewers?

I am thrilled to be here. It’s a significant moment for me. I remember during the release of my film, Three of Us, there were people in remote villages who couldn’t watch it. Now, with Dish TV’s smart services, I’m glad more people can enjoy my work.