-January 4, 2023

Comics are fading into oblivion as famous publishers and bookstores search alternatives while unique cafes blend them with food


-December 17, 2020

Tackling issues related to the pandemic and bringing home the message that frontline workers are real heroes, India’s homegrown modern-day comic book superhero, Priya return accompanied by Pakistan’s female superhero, Burka Avenger She doesn’t wear a cape. She doesn’t have any fancy superpowers to show off either. Yes, you guessed that right. Priya, our homegrown […]


-June 7, 2018

Fans of comics love graphic novels as much as ever, but the cinematic renditions have the younger generation in thrall To say that the DC and Marvel Universes have made a significant and somewhat quick segway into the Indian mind would be an understatement. From the release of the first few Batman, Superman and Spiderman […]