indian politics

-August 25, 2021

Indian government’s move to privatise sporting facilities could not just make access to stadiums a lot more dearer, but also result in the country losing out on honing talent from the economically weaker sections of society One can easily judge the Indian Railways’ contribution to sports in our country by simply counting that 13 out […]


-April 8, 2021

Shipra Das has been a news photographer for more than four decades and has witnessed the making of India from a unique standpoint. Her story is inspirational  Shipra Das is one of the very few women news photographers in what’s primarily a male bastion—and she did it with gusto, and being a woman, was at […]


-July 26, 2018

Looking beyond BJP’s victory, we need to analyse the recent Lok Sabha events in the context of the questions that were left unanswered by PM Modi Friday, July 20, was quite an eventful day in Lok Sabha. In a debate that lasted 12 hours, the Opposition mounted a spirited attack and the treasury fought back […]