Judith Mariya Antony -March 25, 2022

With trending new diets, comes a lot of misinformation that might be harmful for our health. Patriot talks with a nutritionist to bust the myths and learn the correct ways of dieting. 



Promises to provide dry ration in lieu of midday meals for nine months fell flat with an RTI response revealing that some schools distributed ration for four months while others managed just one  In 2020 due to the disruption caused by the pandemic in the functioning of schools the Central Government’s mid day meal scheme […]


Patriot Bureau -April 20, 2018

INDIA’S MOST ‘BELOVED’ CROP, CAN DO MORE THAN JUST SATISFY YOUR HUNGER. HERE’S WHY… Rice is the number one staple crop of the world. It is consumed in various ways in different countries. It possesses nutrients, which are of vital importance to human beings. But generally, people are not aware of it and eat it […]