Tahir Bhat -August 17, 2023

Businessman Nidhi Dalmia talks about his latest novel, Afternoon, which talks about lives of three individuals in the 1960s


Mohd Shehwaaz Khan -September 4, 2022

The popularity of self-help books has been on the rise over the years. Many people claim to have been helped by the genre. Patriot interacts with those who have been helped to understand their feelings and resolve their internal conflicts


Mehdi Khawaja -May 3, 2018

books of some great authors will be out in coming months. Here is a list of 16 Fiction and Non-Fiction books to look forward to Fiction: 1. “The Neighbourhood” by Mario Vargas Llosa. Peruvian Nobel laureate Llosa’s latest novel features two wealthy couples in 1990s Lima embroiled in political corruption and erotic intrigues. The book […]