A culinary delight amidst Navratri fasting

- October 21, 2023
| By : Shailja Chauhan |

Navratri involves fasting and consuming sattvic food, devoid of onions and garlic, made from grains like Samak and Kuttu. Here's a curated list of Delhi restaurants offering Navratri thalis

Navratri Thali

India is currently ablaze with the vibrant celebrations of Navratri, a nine-day Hindu festival marked by fasting and devotion. This significant festival witness a culinary spectacle where sattvic food, devoid of onions and garlic and made from grains like Samak and Kuttu, takes center stage. From Sabutdana Khichdi to Palak patta chaat, the diversity of dishes is captivating the taste buds of many.

For those in Delhi seeking a delightful Navratri experience, here’s a curated list of restaurants offering special Navratri thalis:

Punjab Grill

Delhi’s renowned Punjab Grill is enticing food enthusiasts with its delectable Navratri Thali. Priced at Rs. 1,034, this thali is a gastronomic journey featuring rajgira puri, samak ke chawal, anardana chiraunji ki daal, adraki aloo, and dhoodhi ka halwa. The restaurant, especially its Janpath outlet near Connaught Place, offers a perfect ambiance to relish this culinary delight.

Curry Nama

Craving a budget-friendly yet lavish Navratri thali? Curry Nama has you covered with thali prices starting at Rs. 800. Indulge in delights like Amarnath aur Kachche Kele ki Tikki and Sitafal ki Sabzi.Their Sattvic Shakarkandi Ka Halwa is a must-try. The restaurant has multiple outlets in Rohini, Greater Kailash, and Gurgaon.

Masala Trail

Nestled within Select City Walk in Saket, this restaurant offers one of the most affordable yet delectable Navratri thalis in Delhi. The tempting thali features satvik delights like Kuttu Puri made with Kuttu Flour, filled with potato, Lauki halwa crafted from Bottle gourd and milk, and their star starter, Dhaniya Pakora, prepared with Dhaniya patta, potatoes, and Kuttu flour. Served with a tangy and spicy green chutney, this savory satvik menu is available until October 23 from 10 am to 11 pm, priced at just rupees 383/-.


Machan, located within Taj Mahal Hotels, presents a lively and distinctive Navratri thali experience for its patrons. The thali boasts a variety of savory dishes such as Shakarkandi chaat and fried samak rice. Additionally, their Navratri menu features an extensive selection of smoothies and beverages. 

Their Saffron Banana Smoothie has a separate fan base. The Navratri thali is available until October 23 between 12 pm and 12 am, and the thali costs rupees 2500 plus taxes for one person.

Imly Affair

Imly Affair in Pitampura presents a generous Navratri thali priced at Rs. 449. Enjoy a variety of curries, Papad, Kuttu Paratha/Poori, Samak rice, and refreshing Baadam Makahna Milk Shake. The thali is available until the final day of Navratri.


If you’re observing a fast during these nine days and crave a wholesome Navratri meal, Sattvik is your destination. Situated in Select City Walk, Saket, this pure vegetarian restaurant lives up to its name by offering simple yet divine sattvic delicacies. Their Navratri thali is a culinary delight for any food enthusiast, featuring 2 starters, 3 main courses, along with special lauki ka raita, fruit salad, and a dessert that will satisfy your sugar cravings.

Their Navratri menu showcases unique starters like paneer, Kachche Kele Ki Tikki, Makhana Akhrot Dahi Bhalla, and Watermelon Shakarkandi Chaat. Indulge in this culinary experience until October 23, from 12 pm to 11 pm. The Navratri thali, priced at approximately rupees 975/-, includes taxes.