Capital’s Kerala delight

- July 22, 2023
| By : UTHARA UR |

Far away from the ‘God's own country’, a wide spread of dishes from across Kerala can be devoured sitting in Delhi

Far away from the ‘God’s own country’, a wide spread of dishes from across Kerala can be devoured sitting in Delhi. From moilees to appams and distinct biryani, these Delhi restaurants offer every flavour from Kerala.

Kerala Hotel, INA

Whether you are craving a hearty biryani or masala dosa, Kerala Hotel in INA is a delightful destination for the Kerala cuisine enthusiasts. The attentive and friendly staff ensure that diners have a memorable experience. Popular for its prawn roast, kappa biryani, mutton curry and chicken fry, this restaurant captivates both locals and visitors with its exquisite offerings.

Where: 211-A, Mohan Singh Market, INA

Samridhi, Janpath

At Kerala House, a staff canteen that is open to the public as well, Samridhi has a wide range of dishes that showcase the flavours and spices of the region. All without burning a hole in the pocket! With its bustling and homely vibe, it is famous for its hospitality.

Where: 3, Jantar Mantar Road, Janpath, Windsor Place, New Delhi,

Café Lucid, Vijay Nagar

Café Lucid, nestled in Vijaynagar, is home for most of the North Campus students and a hidden gem of the capital. This cozy and contemporary café offers a serene haven for students from Kerala who are trying to find home away from home. The menu boasts an array of delicious Malabar dishes at an affordable price, including chicken kothuporotta, chicken ularth, perlan, oonu, uthappam and many more.

Where: Kalyan Vihar Rd, Old Gupta Colony, Vijay Nagar

Hotel Malabar, New friends Colony 

Tucked inside the by-lanes of Sukhdev Vihar, Hotel Malabar is known for their variety of seafood dishes, ranging from naadan tuna, prawn mango curry, coconut aaila and its Malabar signature surmai. Calm ambience, simplistic décor, authentic food and economical rates, makes this restaurant a must-visit. Their Malabar signature thali is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to using traditional cooking techniques to serve the most genuine Malabar food.

Where: 37-A, Sarai Juliena, New Friends Colony

Appus Hotel, INA

Another restaurant nestled in INA; Appus Hotel is a popular spot known for their one and only chia seeds lemonade, succulent egg and chicken curry. Besides, appam and idiyappam, crab masala, the perfect oonu and many more dishes are in demand. For an authentic taste of Kerala in the heart of Delhi, Appus Hotel is the perfect place to go!

Where: Shop No-205, I.N.A. Market, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi