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- August 18, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

Here we have enlisted a couple of areas where students, who recently enrolled in colleges under Delhi University, can find such accommodations at reasonable rates

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According to official figures, Delhi university provides UG seats to 71,000 students, but only 11 colleges offer hostel accommodation. Therefore, rest of the students study their courses while living as paying guest in various kinds of accommodation.
Due to the overwhelming number of admissions, looking for PG accommodations become quite a task for young students, who come to the capital from different corners of the country.
Here we have enlisted a couple of areas where one can find such accommodations at reasonable rates.
1. Laxmi Nagar – The cost PG accommodations here starts from Rs 3000 per person, excluding food and electricity.
To find a better place, one will have to shell out Rs 6000. Shalini Sinha of Zakir Husain pays Rs 5,300 with an added amount of Rs 3000 on food. The metro station is just a few steps away.
2. Satya Niketan – One of the popular homes for students in South Campus, Satya Niketan offers PG accommodation from Rs 7000 for double sharing, which can go up to Rs 14000 for the same.
Trisha Gupta, third year student of Ram Lal Anand college, says “ It costs me Rs 8000 for a double-sharing PG excluding food. The area is student friendly but it is quite costly. The landlords are good and helpful. We have to make our own food or we can buy it from outside. Only mothers are allowed to visit the PG if they want to meet their children.”
3. GTB Nagar – This place near North Campus provides a range of accommodation for students. Being a student friendly area, the PGs over here are quite well-maintained and have good connectivity.
The rent varies from Rs 11,000 to 22,000 per month. Diksha of Bhagat Singh college, says “ I’m living in a shared PG and we pay 11,000 per month in which electricity is not included. Still, the landlord provides a number of facilities like AC, refrigerator and many more. Security is also there around the PG.”
4. Greater Kailash – This place offers a lot of room and space to students, mostly in sharing. The cost starts at Rs 14,000 on an average for a shared PG, including different facilities.
Anupam, a third year student of Lady Shri Ram college, says “ The landlord is quite nice. They also allowed my mother to live with me for a few days. At times there were water issues, but we were able to accommodate them with the help of our landlords. We used to pay Rs 15,000 in sharing. There are no such safety issues at our PG but are asked to reach early. Metro is also quite nearby.
Apart from these places in Delhi , students can also find accommodation in areas like Roop Nagar, Shakti Nagar, Vijay Nagar, and Mukharjee Nagar to name a few.