Cops plan DNA test of Swiss woman murdered in Delhi

- October 26, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Police have arrested Gurpreet Singh, who has revealed that he dumped the body after killing the woman in a car

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The mysterious death of Nina Berger, a Swiss woman whose lifeless body was discovered chained near a Tilak Nagar school in west Delhi, has gripped the city in shock and fear.

Delhi Police, in an ongoing investigation, revealed troubling details surrounding the case, highlighting the challenges faced in cracking this disturbing crime.

Officials disclosed that the family of the victim, Nina Berger, residing in Switzerland, has expressed reluctance to travel to India for the identification process.

This has presented a significant hurdle for the Delhi Police, who are striving to provide closure to the grieving family while piecing together the events leading to Berger’s tragic demise, said the officials.

The primary suspect, Gurpreet Singh, who is in custody, allegedly erased all digital communication traces with the victim before his arrest, they said.

They added that this calculated move has raised concerns among investigators, adding complexity to the case. Singh’s attempt to obliterate his digital footprint underscores the premeditated nature of the crime, leaving law enforcement authorities working meticulously to reconstruct the erased conversations.

As the investigation deepens, startling revelations have come to light. Singh had allegedly been in contact with numerous foreign women, employing a deceptive tactic of offering gemstones for health and progress to befriend them, an official from police department said.

He said that it is believed he used a similar ruse to entice Berger from Switzerland to Delhi.

He added that the motive, investigators suggest, stemmed from Singh’s desire to marry Berger, a proposal she vehemently rejected, tragically culminating in her demise.

Berger’s iPhone, a potential treasure trove of information, remains inaccessible, with cyber experts tirelessly working to unlock the device, an official said.

Meanwhile, crucial documents and belongings found in Singh’s possession hold promise in matching DNA samples collected from the victim’s body. However, the post-mortem examination awaits approval from the Swiss embassy, a necessary step in the legal process.

In a recent court hearing, Gurpreet Singh’s custody was extended by an additional five days. Singh’s father, involved in the gemstone and astrology business, has not yet been questioned due to his current location abroad. The Delhi Police, relentless in their pursuit of justice, continue to unravel the layers of this complex case, vowing to bring the truth to light.

The Delhi Police are urging anyone with information related to this case to come forward, ensuring that justice prevails for Nina Berger and her grieving family, said the officials. (With inputs from PTI)