Delhi gym trainer stabbed to death hours before wedding, father arrested

- March 8, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Gaurav Singhal, 29, was stabbed 15 times in his face and chest at his home in south Delhi's Devli Extension early Thursday, hours before he was supposed to get married

(Representational photo: Unsplash)

Constant humiliation drove the father of a gym trainer to fatally stab his son in a brutal act, inflicting multiple wounds, the night before his wedding.

Late Thursday night, the Delhi Police arrested Ranglal Singhal, who confessed to stabbing his son Gaurav in their home during the wedding preparations.

Gaurav Singhal, 29, suffered 15 stab wounds to his face and chest at his residence in south Delhi’s Devli Extension early Thursday, just hours before his scheduled marriage. Ranglal Singhal, apprehended in Rajasthan’s Jaipur, meticulously planned the killing to avoid detection, according to police.

“He intentionally selected a time around 10:30 to 11 pm when noise from wedding festivities masked the incident, and the victim had moved to another room to speak with his fiancée,” a police officer involved in the investigation stated.

Ranglal Singhal reportedly displayed no remorse for his actions.

Upon arrest, he was found in possession of gold ornaments valued at Rs 50 lakh and cash amounting to Rs 15 lakh, which he had taken from the house, authorities reported.

“Singhal justified his actions, claiming he did the right thing. Investigation indicates a heated argument between father and son the previous night, during which Gaurav slapped his father, provoking him to grab a pair of scissors and strike his son in the neck,” the officer elaborated.

“Before Gaurav could react, he collapsed, and his father continued the assault,” the officer added.

Forensic analysis revealed three distinct sets of footprints at the scene.

“The underlying motive appears to stem from strained relations between the father and son. The accused alleges that his son frequently publicly insulted him and used derogatory language,” stated Deputy Commissioner of Police (south) Ankit Chauhan.

Despite severe bleeding, Gaurav attempted to flee but was dragged back inside, leaving a trail of blood.

Earlier, a local council had convened in an attempt to reconcile the fractured relationship between father and son, but Gaurav’s disrespectful behavior persisted, sources revealed.

“With only four family members, Gaurav was the eldest son, with his younger brother assisting him in the gym,” a source disclosed.

A police official, speaking anonymously, mentioned that Gaurav had opposed the marriage, preferring a relationship with another woman.

“Pressure from his father was mounting, though we are exploring all aspects of the case,” the official added. (With inputs from PTI)