Four more arrested in fake cancer drugs racket in Delhi

- March 16, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Police had earlier arrested eight people in connection with the case, the total number of suspects arrested so far has reached 12

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Four more people were arrested for their alleged involvement in the blackmarketing of cancer drugs, bringing the total arrests to twelve, police said.

The newly identified suspects are Rohit Singh Bisht, 36, residing in New Moti Nagar, along with Jitendra, 33, Majid Khan, 34, and Sajid, 33, all from Gurugram, Haryana.

Earlier, eight individuals were apprehended in relation to the case. Investigations revealed that Neeraj Chauhan was purchasing filled vials, purportedly from hospital staff. Bisht, employed as a day care in-charge in a chemotherapy unit of a renowned Delhi hospital, reportedly supplied filled Keytruda/Opdyta vials to Neeraj, earning Rs 65,000 for Keytruda and Rs 35,000 for Opdyta. Jitendra, working in the bone marrow transplant unit of an oncology department in Gurugram, was found in possession of three vials of Keytruda and Opdypta, earning Rs 60,000 for Keytruda and Rs 30,000 for Opdyta.

Khan, formerly a senior staff nurse in a chemo day care unit in Gurugram, was discovered with three vials of Keytruda in Jaipur, having received them from Sajid.

Sajid, employed in the oncology department of a Gurugram hospital, allegedly supplied Keytruda and Opdyta to Khan.

Additionally, police seized 14 bank accounts belonging to the accused, containing a total of Rs 92.81 lakh. (With inputs from PTI)