Beat the Delhi heat with these summer drinks

- April 26, 2023
| By : Ahona Sengupta |

Here are our top picks for summer drinks in Delhi

REFRESHING: Sharbat-e-Mohabbat and Sharbat-e-Nafrat are two popular drinks

THE ATROCIOUS Delhi heat has arrived and with its advent, the streets of the national capital have been graced by soothing summer drinks.

Delhiites need no introduction to the iconic Mohabbat Ka Sharbat or the gut-friendly Bel Ki Sharbat.

But there is much more in every nook and corner of Delhi than these two.

Here are our top picks for summer drinks in Delhi:


Popular in Old Delhi, Mohabbat Ka Sharbat is a special drink in summer, especially during the month of Ramzan. It is made with Roohafza, milk and freshly cut watermelon. This refreshing drink is delicious, fragrant and fruity – a perfect summer combination.


The Bel fruit or wood apple is not just soothing but also helps in the digestive system in summer season. It needs four ingredients – wood apple, lemon juice, jaggery/ sugar and mint leaves and the end result leaves commuters in heat wanting for more.

  1. BANTA:

The famous banta is a sodabased drink, a revamped version of nimbu-pani. It’s got a bit of masala and the moment you drink it, you feel as though a bout of energy has been instilled in you.


Another lemon-based drink, but is distinct from nimbu pani as it contains several other condiments such as jeera, rock salt, sabja seeds, mint leaves, chaat masala among others.

  1. LASSI:

A glass of creamy, flavourful and indulgent lassi is a perfect companion to the Delhi heat.

From Old Delhi, to South and west Delhi, lassi is a crowd puller across the national capital during this season.


As summer hits Delhi, one can spot a cart full of coconuts in every corner of the national capital. Packed with essential nutrients, two types of nariyal pani or coconut water are sold here – one is young green coconut that is not completely ripened and the other brown mature coconuts.