Delhi govt to hire consultant for maintenance of Okhla, Patparganj industrial zones

- November 29, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

In Patparganj's industrial area, 603 out of 612 plots are under possession, with 550 factories currently operational. In Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-III, 199 out of 230 plots are in possession, and 177 factories are presently running

A waste-to-energy plant in Okhla.

The Delhi government has announced its decision to enlist the expertise of a consultant to oversee the management of assets and maintenance of industrial areas in Okhla and Patparganj, officials said.

This consultant will collaborate with the Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (DSIIDC) in identifying a facility management services (FMS) agency.

The agency’s responsibilities encompass tasks such as road cleaning, waste collection, solid waste management, repair of storm-water drains and potholes, security deployment, horticultural work, user charge collection, encroachment prevention, and squatter removal, as outlined in official documents.

DSIIDC serves as the primary agency entrusted with the development, operation, and management of industrial estates under the jurisdiction of the Delhi government.

The primary objective is to establish a comprehensive system for the effective operation and maintenance of all infrastructure assets in Patparganj and the Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-III, according to the documents.

In the Patparganj industrial area, possession has been transferred for 603 out of 612 industrial plots, with 550 factories currently operational. In Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-III, possession has been transferred for 199 out of 230 industrial plots, with 177 factories currently operational.

“The consultant will conduct an area study and develop a monthly per square meter cost estimate for maintaining these services on the plots. Additionally, the consultant will delineate the costs based on the services provided. The FMS agency will collect maintenance fees from individual plot owners,” an official said.

The consultant’s duties include conducting an in-depth analysis of existing infrastructure facilities to understand maintenance requirements and assess the economic viability of proposed works, culminating in a comprehensive blueprint for the two areas, the official noted.

Moreover, the consultant will evaluate parking spaces as a potential revenue source and supervise the post-implementation phase. Strategies for collecting user fees for the successful execution of maintenance work will also be recommended.

“To facilitate smooth traffic flow in the industrial areas and prevent congestion, the consultant will devise an effective parking and traffic management plan,” the official said.

Additionally, the consultant will evaluate the applicability of the Delhi Industrial Development, Operation, and Maintenance Act (DIDOM), 2010, within these areas.

The aim is to establish the self-sustainability of maintaining these two industrial areas. “To ascertain project viability, the consultant will review existing schemes of both central and state governments to identify revenue sources essential for the project,” the official clarified.

Based on this comprehensive analysis, the consultant will propose an implementation structure for the project and create a financial model encompassing various cost and revenue scenarios. (With inputs from PTI)