Delhi PCR unit shifted over 40,000 injured people to hospitals in last 15 months

- July 9, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Delhi PCR unit has also rescued 42 people from different situations, shifted 17 pregnant woman to hospitals and saved 102 wildlife

Delhi police (Representational photo)

In the past 15 months, over 40,000 injured individuals were transported to city hospitals by the PCR (police control room) unit, as reported by the Delhi Police.

“PCR units are the first responders in emergency situations. From April 1, 2023, to July 7, our PCRs transported 40,371 individuals to various hospitals in the city. In the outer north district, 4,293 people were moved, followed by 4,121 in the northeast district,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (PCR) Anand Kumar Mishra.

The DCP highlighted that the PCR staff is well-trained and always prepared for emergencies.

“Our personnel are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and equipped with various first-aid tools. They undergo regular training to handle emergencies,” Mishra explained.

According to the data, the PCR unit transported 1,281 people in the northwest, 1,887 in Rohini, 3,481 in the north, 1,217 in central, 1,034 in the east, 2,359 in Shahdara, 1,384 in New Delhi, 2,121 in the southwest, 3,036 in the south district, and 3,023 in the southwest district.

“Many of the injured were the sole earners of their families, and most cases involved accidents. Upon notification, PCR vans promptly reached accident sites and transported the injured to hospitals.

“When ambulances are available, we use them to transport patients. If not, our staff uses police vehicles,” Mishra added, emphasising the importance of timely hospital transport for accident victims to save lives.

Additionally, the PCR unit has apprehended 128 criminals, found 984 missing children, and recovered 1,423 stolen vehicles.

The unit also rescued 42 individuals from various situations, transported 17 pregnant women to hospitals, and saved 102 wildlife.

Another senior police officer noted that many injured individuals die due to delays in receiving treatment.

“The PCR unit of Delhi Police strives to save lives by transporting individuals to nearby hospitals during the golden hour (the first hour),” the officer said. (With inputs from PTI)