Delhi traffic cop suspended over fining Korean man Rs 5,000 without challan

- July 24, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

In the widely circulated video, the constable named Mahesh Chand, can be seen taking Rs 5,000 in cash from Korean man but did not give any receipt

Delhi police (Representational photo)

A Delhi Traffic Police constable named Mahesh Chand has been suspended following the emergence of a video on social media that appears to show him accepting Rs 5,000 in cash from a South Korean national as a fine for a traffic violation without issuing a receipt.

The incident, which involved the foreigner allegedly driving on the wrong carriageway, came to light when the video was posted on Twitter on July 20.

The South Korean citizen involved in the incident has a significant following on YouTube, with 1.34 million subscribers to his channel. After the video went viral, the Delhi Traffic Police took notice and promptly responded. They announced the suspension of the constable in question pending a thorough investigation. The force emphasised their zero-tolerance policy towards corruption in a tweet addressing the issue.

The incident has raised concerns about transparency and accountability within the police force and highlights the importance of adhering to proper procedures when handling traffic rule violations. Further inquiries will likely be conducted to ascertain the validity of the claims made in the video and to ensure appropriate action is taken based on the findings. (With inputs from PTI)