Delhi’s Sarita Vihar flyover to remain shut for 50 days for repair work

- June 7, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The flyover is a part of Mathura Road which connects southeast Delhi to Faridabad in Haryana

The police have issued a traffic advisory due to the closure of carriageways on the Sarita Vihar flyover on Outer Ring Road.

Police said that the closure will last for 50 days starting from Wednesday to facilitate repair work by the Public Works Department (PWD). The Sarita Vihar flyover is a part of Mathura Road, connecting southeast Delhi to Faridabad in Haryana.

According to the advisory, each carriageway of the flyover will take approximately 25 days to repair. While one carriageway is being repaired, the other carriageways will remain open for traffic. The repair work will be carried out in phases, with the portion of the flyover from Ashram to Badarpur repaired in the first and second phases, and the portion from Badarpur to Ashram repaired in the third and fourth phases.

The traffic police have used Twitter to inform commuters about the closure of the flyover and have requested everyone to follow the advisory to avoid inconvenience. They emphasized that passengers traveling to railway stations, airports, hospitals, etc., should plan their departure well in advance and choose alternate routes to prevent delays.

To ensure the smooth flow of traffic, the movement of heavy and commercial vehicles on Mathura Road toward the Sarita Vihar flyover may be restricted as needed.

The advisory provides alternative routes for different directions. Commuters traveling from Ashram on Mathura Road towards Badarpur and Faridabad are advised to use road number 13A from the slip road of Sarita Vihar flyover, make a U-turn from road number 13A, and continue on Mathura Road.

Similarly, those traveling from Ashram towards Noida on Mathura Road should take the DND flyway from Ashram Chowk.

For commuters heading towards Ashram from Faridabad and Badarpur on Mathura Road, the advisory suggests taking a left turn towards Okhla Estate Marg and Crowne Plaza from the slip road of Sarita Vihar flyover. Alternatively, they can use Mehrauli-Badarpur Road via Badarpur Border to reach their destination.

In March, similar advisories were issued regarding the closure of the Chirag Delhi flyover and a section of the Delhi-Jaipur highway (NH-48) between Rangpuri and Rajokari. (With inputs from PTI)