After viral video shows buses not halting for women, Delhi govt deploys 200 traffic teams

- May 19, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Besides, steps have also been adopted to sensitise bus drivers and create their centralised database, enabling the recording of any act of misconduct

A screen grab of an old video that showed a bus ignoring women passengers at a stop

A day after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reacted to a video that showed a cluster bus driver not stopping at the designated bus stop for women passengers, the Transport Ministry deployed over 200 traffic teams to address the issue.

The Delhi CM on Thursday said that such acts is “unacceptable” and the state government will take strict action against errant drivers and emphasised the importance of implementing measures to prevent any recurrence of such incidents.

The decision to deploy traffic teams was announced after Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot held a meeting that was attended by senior officers from the Transport Department, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Limited (DIMTS).

Besides, steps have also been adopted to sensitise bus drivers and create their centralised database, enabling the recording of any act of misconduct. Recruitment of drivers will be contingent upon a thorough check of their records from this database, it said.

“The Delhi government has taken this incident very seriously and an immediate action was taken against the driver, conductor and the marshall. All have been debarred from the cluster bus operations,” Gahlot said.

Additional teams in plain clothes will be stationed at terminals and busy bus queue shelters for a period of one week to monitor the situation closely, said a government statement.

Depot Managers will conduct sessions to sensitize drivers and conductors regarding their responsibilities towards passengers, especially women commuters, during out-shedding.

The DTC will collaborate with an NGO to conduct a refresher course for drivers and conductors, it said. The course will focus on sensitising them about various aspects, including stopping at designated bus stops and driving in designated bus lanes.

The DTC and DIMTS will establish Mobile Teams consisting of 10 and 16 members, respectively, who will travel in buses to monitor the behaviour of drivers and conductors.

In case of any complaint against a driver, immediate action will be taken, including suspending the driver pending inquiry.

The Transport Department will issue an advertisement urging commuters to report incidents of misbehaviour or indiscipline by drivers or conductors through the ‘One-Delhi’ App. This message will also be displayed on LED displays within the buses.

Additionally, an order, previously issued on February 18, 2020, outlining fines for driver misconduct, will be reissued and individually served to all drivers by their respective Depot Managers. A radio jingle will also be broadcasted, encouraging commuters to come forward and file complaints regarding driver or conductor indiscipline.

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