Fire in parked vehicles at Noida

- October 13, 2022
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

Inadequate policing allows people to drink and cause trouble in parking lot

A fire broke out in Noida Sector-4 on Friday afternoon, destroying two vehicles.

The police were notified, and fire engines arrived on the scene to prevent the fire from spreading and turning into what could have been a major accident given the area is surrounded by industrial buildings.

According to the police, there were no casualties or injuries, and the cause of the fire is still unknown.

People working nearby and residents have told Patriot that the vehicle was frequently used by people to consume alcohol and smoke weed, particularly late at night.

Under condition of anonymity, a man who lives nearby told Patriot that it was mostly daily wage workers and teenagers who would come sit and smoke in these parked vehicles, and that today, prior to the fire, a group of three were smoking joints and got into an argument, which might have led to this.

However, the vehicles that were burned to the ground were useless and were only parked there, but the area has a long and wide stretch of road used for parking by those who come here for work, which has made them concerned.

“If this can happen in broad daylight to an unused vehicle, what chances are there that our conveyances are safe?” Bhoomika, who works nearby in an organisation, asks. “Just below this turn there’s a place where e-rickshaw pullers and auto rickshaw drivers wait for their customers during the day and when it’s night they get drunk and do stuff like this. What assurance is there that this won’t happen again and this time to my car?”


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