Patriot’s best-of-the-year list

- December 31, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

Some of our most-read stories this year include a travel feature based on a DTC bus ride, profiles and interviews of globally acclaimed artists such as Jatin Das and Jogen Chowdhury, and a piece on the time Manto spent in Delhi

From the intricate weave of Delhi’s cultural mosaic, we unravel narratives that resonate through the city. From a nostalgia-laden journey on DTC’s Route 851 to the cinematic magic of Dev Anand recreating Qutub Minar scenes in Mumbai, The Patriot encapsulates the essence of Delhi’s heritage, cultural richness, and everyday triumphs.

Allow us to share with you some of the stories we feel capture the vibrant spirit of the capital, each offering a unique lens into the soul of the national capital.

1. “End of an Era: Why Travelling on DTC’s Route 851 Was More Than a Journey”

This poignant piece reflects on the nostalgia associated with DTC’s Route 851, exploring the emotions tied to its gradual discontinuation. Readers are taken on a journey through time, reminiscing about the significance of this route in the lives of Delhiites.

2. “When Dev Anand Created Qutub Minar Scene in Mumbai”

Unraveling the lesser-known anecdotes of Bollywood, this story explores how legendary actor Dev Anand brought the essence of Qutub Minar to Mumbai for one of his film sequences. It provides a fascinating glimpse into the creative process of a cinematic icon.

3. “Jamnapaar Beats: Rap Against Stereotypes”

Shifting gears to the vibrant music scene, this report sheds light on how the art of rap is breaking stereotypes and finding its voice in the diverse landscape of Jamnapaar. It’s a celebration of musical diversity and the power of self-expression.

4. “Finding the Code in Man’s World”

Delving into the world of coding, this insightful piece explores the challenges and triumphs of women in a male-dominated field. It paints a vivid picture of the efforts to bridge the gender gap in technology, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity.

5. “One Life Is Not Enough: I Need Three,” Says Artist Jatin Das

A fascinating interview with renowned artist Jatin Das, this article provides a glimpse into his artistic philosophy and the driving forces behind his creative endeavors. It’s a journey into the mind of a prolific artist who believes in living multiple lives through his work.

6. “Painting Bengal Beyond Boundaries”

This cultural exploration takes readers beyond geographical boundaries, immersing them in the vivid hues of Bengal’s art. It’s a visual journey that transcends borders, showcasing the influence of Bengal’s rich artistic legacy.

7. “Stuck in Dead-End Jobs”

The cover story brings attention to the challenges faced by individuals caught in dead-end jobs, highlighting the broader societal implications. It’s a reflective piece that prompts readers to consider the role of work in shaping one’s life.

8. “Delhi’s First Test Class”

Shifting focus to sports, this article covers the historic moment of Delhi’s first Test class, providing a thrilling account of the city’s cricketing journey. It’s a celebration of sporting milestones that resonate with the spirit of the city.

9. “Beeline for Free Food, but No One for Help: Kin of Sakshi”

In this story, we delve into the heartwrenching story of Sakshi, a young girl, and her family’s struggle for support. It sheds light on societal indifference and the stark contrast between the pursuit of free food and the lack of aid for those in need.

10. “Life and Times of a Writer”

Offering a glimpse into the life of a writer, this report provides insights into the challenges and inspirations that shape the literary landscape. It’s a contemplative piece that invites readers to appreciate the intricacies of the writing process.

11. “Of Manto and Delhi’s Longest Bus Ride”

Closing our journey through The Patriot’s top stories, this article connects the dots between Manto, the celebrated writer, and Delhi’s longest bus ride. It weaves together literature and the city’s pulse, offering readers a unique perspective on the intersection of fiction and reality.