Since October, 52K tonne of debris deposited at waste collection points: MCD

- February 29, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi said its focus is on identifying key C&D waste collection points, curbing illegal dumping, and educating citizens on responsible waste disposal

Since October 2023, 52,000 tonnes of debris have been gathered at construction and demolition (C&D) waste collection points, resulting in a significant 38 percent reduction in illegal dumping during the October-November period, as reported by the city’s municipal corporation.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), earlier in February, announced its plan to establish 100 debris collection points across the national capital to address pollution concerns.

“To combat air pollution and manage the increasing construction and demolition (C&D) waste in Delhi, the municipal corporation, in partnership with the Air Pollution Action Group (A-PAG), has initiated proactive measures. The focus lies on identifying pivotal C&D waste collection points, preventing illegal dumping, and educating citizens on responsible waste disposal,” MCD said on Wednesday.

With 35 operational points in various zones, an additional 49 locations have been earmarked for future collection points.

“Since October 2023, 52,000 tonnes of debris have been amassed at these collection sites, resulting in a significant 38 percent decrease in illegal dumping from October to November,” the MCD stated.

New collection points are being established in Narela, Shahdara (North), Shahdara (South), and Rohini zones to meet the increasing waste disposal demands.

To enhance awareness, information regarding C&D waste collection sites is accessible through the MCD 311 App and the MCD website. Citizen engagement remains a priority, with 213 meetings conducted with Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), and 180 waste transporters trained for compliance, officials highlighted.

Apart from these initiatives, citizen involvement is crucial for the success of Delhi’s C&D waste management system. Citizens are encouraged to deposit non-bulk C&D waste, totaling less than 20 tonnes per day (TPD), at designated collection sites, the MCD said.

Bulk waste, exceeding 20 TPD or forming part of a project totaling 300 tonnes, should be directed to designated C&D plants, according to the statement.

Adherence to C&D regulations, observance of safety protocols, and ensuring that no construction and demolition waste is left exposed or without necessary safeguards are emphasised, the statement further added.

The focus on citizen participation, awareness, and the establishment of easily accessible collection points signifies a “positive transition” towards sustainable waste management practices in the city, declared the civic body. (With inputs from PTI)