52 cases of Dengue in Delhi while cases continue to rise

- March 21, 2022
| By : PTI |

Till March 12 this year, 48 cases of dengue were recorded in the city. Four fresh cases have been reported in the last one week.

File Photo/ Raj K Raj via Getty Images

Four fresh cases of dengue have been reported in the last one week in the national capital, taking the tally to 52, according to a civic report on vector-borne diseases, released on Monday.

The city reported 23 cases in January, 16 in February and 13 this month till March 19.

For the January 1-March 19 period, six cases each were recorded last year and in 2020, five in 2019, while ten cases were logged in 2018 and nine in 2017, the report stated.

Cases of vector-borne diseases are usually reported between July and November, but the period may stretch till mid-December.

Last year, 9,613 dengue cases, the highest number of cases of the vector-borne disease was recorded in the national capital in a year since 2015, and 23 deaths were reported.

In the years prior to 2021, the total dengue cases reported were — 4431 (2016), 4726 (2017), 2798 (2018), 2036 (2019) and 1072 (2020), according to the report.

In 2015, the city had witnessed a massive outbreak of dengue, when the number of dengue cases reported has crossed 10,600 in October itself, making it the worst outbreak of the vector-borne disease in the national capital since 1996.

The number of dengue fatalities logged in 2021 was the highest in the national capital since 2016, when the officially reported death count was 10.

Delhi had recorded two deaths due to dengue in 2019, four in 2018, and 10 each in 2017 and 2016.

The civic report, released on Monday, stated that four cases of malaria and eight cases of chikungunya have been reported so far this year in Delhi.

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