Iconic restaurant ‘The Grill Room’ reopens after four years

- May 18, 2024
| By : Idrees Bukhtiyar |

The Grill Room was famous in the 90s for its food, white glove service, and charming décor. It was closed in 2020 during the pandemic

NEW VIBES: Lalit New Delhi- ‘The Grill Room’

In a bid to redefine dining experiences and catering to the evolving tastes of guests, The Lalit New Delhi has revamped its iconic restaurant — The Grill Room, and thrown it open after a gap of four years.
The restaurant was closed in 2020 during the pandemic.

“It has been opened for the guests and we will be serving dinner only,” the hotel management said.

The Grill Room was famous in the 90s for its food, white-glove service, and charming décor.
The restaurant has a new menu promising a gastronomic adventure through fine meat, seafood, and poultry from across the globe.

“Our gourmet selection includes premium steaks celebrated for their succulent meat quality, alongside master chef-recommended dishes such as New Zealand lamb chops, pan-seared sea bream, and slow-cooked lamb shank,” they said.

“It brings the iconic restaurant with its flavoursome menu – iconic dishes paired with new age wines.”

Each dish is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with microgreens, air-dried flowers, fleur de sel (French sea salt), and an assortment of flavoured salts to enhance the flavours.

Not forgetting its vegetarian guests, the menu also features exquisite selections such as goat cheese tart, cheese empanada, and asparagus risotto.

To elevate the dining experience further, French sommelier Charles Don Adieu has thoughtfully paired each dish with the perfect wine, ensuring a harmonious blend of flavours and textures.

“Great food is like great art, it requires passion, creativity, and attention to detail. At The Grill Room, we strive to not only tantalise your taste buds but also to ignite your culinary imagination. As we bring back this iconic restaurant, we are blending tradition with innovation, crafting dishes that celebrate the finest ingredients from around the world,” said Executive Chef Ravi Kant.

Keshav Suri, Executive Director, of The Lalit said that the hotel continues to set the standard for exceptional dining experience, elevating hospitality to new heights while remaining true to its core values of excellence and sustainability.

“We are excited to offer our guests these new dining experiences that not only cater to their diverse dietary preferences but also reflect our dedication to quality, sustainability, and culinary artistry,” Suri said.