A ‘Roboluscious’ treat

- June 17, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

A Noida restaurant offers unique experience of serving food through robots, it is easy on the pocket too

LET ME SERVE YOU : One of the two robot sisters, Mishu, serving food

At one glance, Mie Roboluscious, located in Sector 104, Noida, looks like any other restaurant. However, as one enters its premises, one is captivated by its cutting-edge concept: robot waiters. 

On the reception desk is Micko, a small robot who enthusiastically greets every customer it sees, as smiles of waiters around also give the required human touch. 

ALL IN ONE: Chef’s Special Platter contains one item from every platter

The two robot sisters – affectionately named Mishi and Mishu – serve the food and are loved among visitors, especially children, who seem to have grown fond of them with time. 

The movements of robot-waiters are smooth, and they are well-programmed to navigate the dining area without any disruption. They greet you well, serve you food, and will converse with you if you need a companion to talk. 

The decor inside is divided into modern and traditional. In one corner of the restaurant, the walls are painted with folk art, while the other corners boast of trendy and colourful illustrations. However, what remains constant is the blend of futuristic sophistication.

WELCOME ABOARD: Mishu waiting for the customers

When Patriot visited the restaurant, almost all the customers were families, with children being particularly excited to be served by Mishu, who was on duty at that time. They took selfies with the robots as they ordered their favourite food, suggesting familiarity with the menu and the place. 

While these regular customers mainly come from Noida and Delhi, the manager informs that they have had customers from other cities, who visited the place especially for the concept. 

HUMAN AND ROBOTS: Photos of customers with Robots in display

“We get customers from all of north India. People from Noida, Agra, Chandigarh, Varanasi visit this place,” says manager Nitin Raj. 

As the restaurant is social media friendly, with visitors uploading selfies with the robots on social media platforms, its engaging presence compels visitors to personally witness the restaurant. Owner Meenakshi Bansal and co-owner Sanjeev Bansal inform that the restaurant became national news, and there used to be a time when there were long queues of people waiting to enjoy the experience. 

“However, at best, it can be a one-time thing. To retain the customers, a restaurant has to have good food and services and we strive for that. Moreover, we are open for franchise,” he observes. The menu is vegetarian, with fusion of Oriental, Mexican, and Italian. In platters, apart from Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican, there is a Chef’s Special Platter, which includes one item from every platter. The cost of each platter is less than Rs 700. 

SIP IT: A counter for mocktails, shakes, and smoothies

Sizzlers – Tandoori, Oriental, Italian – are also popular, offering varieties of tastes from hariyali paneer in Tandoor to penne alfredo in Italian. 

In drinks, one should try Mango Dolly for its mild, milky, and tropical flavour. Apart from smoothies, mocktails, and shakes that are common in restaurants, the menu has a ‘must try’ section which includes Bubbly (with flavour of bubblegum), Achar Vichar (with pickle’s taste), Barista-E-Khaas (Barista special), and Rose Petals (served with rose petals and ice cream). The Mishu Mishi special in shakes is a shake made from popcorn. 

“We designed the menu in such a way that the guest can have multiple items without spending much money,” says head chef Dilip Singh. 

HAPPY VISIT: Micko, a small robot, greets every customer

“We have also added multiple items on the audience’s demands, such as Italian sizzlers. We manage both parties and regular customers at times. However, what we always keep in mind is hygiene and quality of food.” 

The restaurant is pocketfriendly. While the ambience was good for a visit, the food could have been better.