Fine feathers

The décor suggests adjectives like grand, gigantic and glorious while the menu has been crafted to impress the partying crowd — global as well as local

What happens when a pro restauranteur dreams of a project which would be the ultimate in his culinary kitty, which would seem larger than life and remain up there as the outstanding destination? You get a place called Dragonfly with a mystical aura.

Priyank Sukhija’s 25th outlet is tucked in a cozy corner of Worldmark 1, at the happening Aerocity. It is slowly being discovered by partygoers, who land up with a lot of expectation after word-of-mouth reviews. For good reason. The restaurant promises a one-of-a-kind experience, spread across 10,000 square feet, featuring three levels, each with a bar, and a ceiling height of approximately 35 feet, making it one of the largest restaurants in the city.

Mesmerising Décor

The décor is charming and mystical. Natasha and Neeraj Jain, owners of the e-tailor brand Bent Chair, are the interior designers who have also created customised furnishings with a hint of their signature eccentricity in every design for the complete Dragonfly experience. From the embellishments at the entrance to the lights across the restaurant, the decor and furniture mirrors the lifecycle of a dragonfly. A tastefully designed Pan-Asian resto bar has a grand display of lights on walls adorned with crystals, enhancing the glowing look.

There is a choice of two bars and beautiful wine cellars for new age drinkers to sip on their favorite tipples. With colourful butterfly lights on walls paired with leather upholstery in tones of red and yellow, each corner of Dragonfly is different from the other, making them just perfect for multiple selfies.

Fresh flavours

Sukhija, along with corporate head chef Sagar Bajaj, has curated a menu comprised almost 80% of exotic signature delicacies — a blend of Asian and European fusion dishes.

The first starter at the table —iced tropical fruits blended with Thai herbs, passion fruit and soy gel – has us off on a promising journey, convincing us that this plush and expansive lounge offers a plethora of inventive food. Soon Chef Sagar Bajaj appears with some tempting platters. He tells us, “Food at Dragonfly is result of researches and great blend of ingredients to create something unique. The complete focus is on European and Oriental — we try to offer international food with locally produced ingredients.”

Creamy yet crisp flaky puffs prove his point. They are melt-in- the-mouth yet so delightfully crunchy. Thai green curry dumpling is equally delicious, stuffed with waterchest, edamame beans and broccoli. Velvety white fungus, asparagus and an assortment of mushrooms tossed with basil and oyster sauce are a good blend for mushroom lovers. My favourite was Mango and Avocado Ceviche, truly a highlight of vegetarian fare and just perfect in the mango season.

For non-vegetarians, there are dishes to suit every palate. While Activated Charcoal Tempura Prawns is creating a buzz, the chef recommends Crispy Smoked Chicken Steamed Bacon Bread — steamed pan-seared milk bread topped with raw papaya slaw with spiced crispy smoked chicken shreds. There is an offering called Carbonara Dumplings made of creamy caramelised bacon crystal dumplings, soft and flavoursome. Dragon Sushi Doughnut brings flavours from the ocean topped with dynamite rock shrimps. Chef’s favourite Butter Garlic Mud Crabs is cooked in a stone pot and comes with velvet sauce.

When it comes to beverages, Priyank brought on board experts from around the world. Richard Hargroves, a renowned British mixologist famed for his concoctions, has developed 16 signature cocktails that are unique to Dragonfly. Sukhija has also collaborated with Magandeep Singh, a highly awarded sommelier, to select a range of wines that complement the vibe of Dragonfly.]

Lovers of comics can check out The Manga Menu, pairing an exquisite roster of handcrafted drinks with some of the most iconic characters of popular Manga culture, each with their own unique story.

Summer calls for light, refreshing cocktails, yet those which pep you up. The choice of colourful cocktails aesthetically presented is enticing.  Kanpai Mojito is your own mojito with a Japanese makeover. Japhattan is the one where you get to taste Japanese and Indian flavours infused together with some exciting ingredients and in-house concoctions. From Japanese Enso whisky infused with lemongrass to Paloma Flower, a hint of elderflower and grapefruit bitters, expect to savour varied flavours.                 

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