Marwadi cuisine at Shangri-La Eros tickles taste buds

- April 19, 2024
| By : Idrees Bukhtiyar |

The culinary expedition began with refreshing beverages like tangy Imli Paani, cooling Chaach Bade, and soothing Chandan Ka Sarbat, setting the stage for a flavourful adventure

Marwari thali

Shangri-La Eros New Delhi’s international cuisine restaurant, Tamra came up with the flavours of Marwadi cuisine by home chef Surbhi Bhandari in association with Chef Pin, a food app.  

Known for her dedication to preserving the authenticity of Rajasthani dishes, chef Surbhi meticulously crafted a menu that showcased the royal heritage and diverse culinary traditions of this colourful state.

“Guests experienced an immersive dining experience that promised not just a meal, but a journey through the rich flavours and traditions of Rajasthan,” the hotel management said.

The culinary expedition began with refreshing beverages like tangy Imli Paani, cooling Chaach Bade, and soothing Chandan Ka Sarbat, setting the stage for a flavourful adventure. 

The starters included the spicy Mirchi Ada, the savoury Kadi Kachori, and the delightful Kele Ke Kofte, offering a glimpse into the complexity of Rajasthani flavours. 

Chef Surbhi Bhandari

As the journey progressed, the main course unveiled the heart of Rajasthani cuisine with specialities like the aromatic Dhaniya Badi Ki Sabzi, the sweet and spicy Bhutte Ki Sabzi, and the ever-popular Gatte ki Sabzi, accompanied by traditional bread such as Phulka and Khoba Roti, and rice dishes like Gatte ka Pulao and Kabuli. The culinary voyage culminated in a sweet celebration with desserts like the luscious Mango Binach and the classic Malpua Rabri, ensuring a memorable end to an exquisite dining experience.

Chef Pin is India’s leading platform for home chefs and home bakers, operating across Delhi NCR, Bengaluru and Mumbai, and offers pre-orders and same-day delivery.  

The app has been designed as a one-stop shop where diners can discover and order local, authentic and home-cooked meals from hundreds of talented home chefs.  The home chef pop-up series is an opportunity for home chefs and expert chefs to showcase their delectable regional cuisine to a larger audience.

Chef Surbhi Bhandari said that Tamra at Shangri-La Eros has established itself as a hub for promoting regional cuisine.

“I felt truly honoured to take part in this celebration. Collaborating with Chef Pin was an enriching experience, providing a perfect platform for home chefs like myself to showcase the authentic flavours of Marwadi and Jodhpuri cuisine,” she said.

“This opportunity allowed me to highlight our culinary heritage, sharing the richness and diversity of Rajasthan’s food culture with our guests. The warm reception and appreciation from diners added to the memorable atmosphere of the event. It was a fantastic chance to engage with fellow food enthusiasts and take them on a culinary journey through the royal kitchens of Rajasthan,” Surbhi added.  

She further said that the opportunity is to revive treasured recipes from Jodhpur and convey the simplicity and affection inherent in homemade dishes. 

“From the zesty Imli Paani to the comforting Dhaniya Badi ki Sabzi, each creation was infused with the warmth reminiscent of home cooking. Witnessing guests relishing the flavours and embracing the idea of home chefs was truly gratifying. Although the event has concluded, memories of our gastronomic adventure at Shangri-La Eros linger fondly in my heart,” she added.