A solo show

- December 29, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

So far, artist Kaveri Vij has created more than 250 paintings, innumerable line drawings which have been published in various journals.

Prayagraj-based contemporary artist, illustrator and designer Kaveri Vij is set to present her solo show of recent paintings ‘Enormous’. With acrylic as her preferred medium, the award-winning veteran artist will showcase 15 paintings in Delhi, as part of the week-long show.

Her abstract landscapes perfectly depict why she remains a sought-after artist from the hinterland, as her original artworks carry the essence of the flora found abundantly in the country.

Influenced by European painter Vincent Van Gogh and Indian painter Amrita Sher-Gil, her painting style gives the highest place to human sensibilities. “It pulsates on canvas with bolt brush strokes. The effect of my Guru Prema Mishra’s lyricism, Rekha Nigam’s bold strokes and Madhu Asthana’s powerful lines are also visible in my paintings,” she says.

The subject of her art is human sensitivity, which, she says, is characteristic of women oppression, female sentiment, pain, irony, agony, helplessness mirror, reflection, fear, social anomalies and socialism.

So far, she has created more than 250 paintings, innumerable line drawings which have been published in various journals. More than 60 paintings are in personal collection. Various mediums have been used, water color and nowadays working with acrylic color.

“I have been interested in art since childhood. I used to draw pictures from newspapers and magazines behind the copy of each subject. Seeing this trend of mine, my mother encouraged me to take art education. I was also interested in music,” she says.

“I consider art to be unlimited. No matter how much progress I make, there is always more to be done. I prefer to do virtual painting rather than realistic drawing. I feel that everything that is in the universe is visible but it is virtual. In my paintings, the vastness of nature is depicted. No matter how much human evolve, they can never surpass nature.”

She chooses stimulating colours in her drawings suited to the subject, which generate brain waves. Vij is also the President and Founder of Nav Aakar, an  International Artists Group.

When: January 1-7, 2023

Where: Lalit Kala Akademi