A space for artistic senses

- September 22, 2022
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

Shefali Khanna launches a workspace-cum-studio called ‘Pleasure Dome of Senses' for creators, musicians, and artisans to nurture creativity

Social entrepreneur Shefali Khanna launches ‘Pleasure Dome of Senses’, a new experiential space for creators, musicians, and artisans. It is a unique place that aims at creating a conducive environment for nurturing art and craft. 

The workspace-cum-studio has been redesigned into an immersive space for music and art. Each room and wall exude creativity and inspiration. A wave of positive vibes and calm engulf as one enters this thoughtfully curated space. 

Shefali said that it is important for people to reconnect with their heirlooms that have been passed on from generations. Those are precious memories and should not be just kept away in trunks, she added.

The idea behind the craft room was to get people to take out their cherished handloom possessions and create something unique out of them. “This will help in building a new connection with heirloom and is a great step towards fashion sustainability”, she explained. 

Asked about her inspiration to start the place, Khanna said, “I wanted to create an inclusive space where people can come together without any preconceived notions.”

“People take time off from their everyday life and go to places to experience calm as a means of rejuvenation. What if we had a space that combined that positive energy with everyday life? That is what I have tried to create with this studio”, she elaborated. She believes that  such emergence is not momentary, but evolutionary. 

Khanna also started Raahein – a digital music platform for artists who are looking for opportunities to show their talent – during the pandemic to help the artists whose livelihoods had taken a serious hit. In the studio, there is an exclusive music room where artists come over and create soulful music. The music room is designed in a way that creates a poignant environment for creating meaningful art through music, songs, and poetry. 

Location: C-351 Defence Colony, New Delhi