An artist’s call for nature

- August 18, 2022
| By : Wara Samar |

In a solo exhibition titled ‘Sublime Nature’, the artist – Sanjukta Arjun -- has tried to emphasise the beauty and importance of nature, tearing the need for a wake-up call to save mother earth

Sublime Nature

How the destruction of nature is indirectly related to the rise in deadly diseases such as cancer and other life-threatening illnesses leading to millions perishing, is one of the topics she outlines in her art.

The paintings with different hues, and shades and tints of green, bring out the beauty of various seasons while reminding us that we will lose it all to global warming if we don’t act soon.

Where: Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre
When: Till 21 August, 11 am to 7 pm


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