And Then Came Spring!

- March 31, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

The artists, who will present their work, are Meera George, Meghna Patpatia, Mahima Kapoor, Sukanya Garg and Vandana Kothari

A work of Meera George

The Art Alive Gallery will bring together five contemporary artists and their myriad ways of experimenting with nuances of materiality. The work of these five artists will be presented in the upcoming exhibition “And Then Came Spring“.

Each artist looks at aspects of their surrounding that comprise ecology, nature, dreamscapes, and feminity among others through the lens of their unique artistic practice. The idea of the exhibition revolves around spring representing renewal and hope in a world that has been altered by disorder and malady.

The artists, who will present their work, are Meera George, Meghna Patpatia, Mahima Kapoor, Sukanya Garg and Vandana Kothari.

Meera George has always been sensitive to the issues of environmental deterioration that plague humankind. Meera’s circular compositions imbued with a feeling of a surrealist dreamscape are constructed through mixed media exhibiting textures and a flow of colors reminiscent of aquatic lifeforms, flora and fauna.

As an artist, she also presents Cor Maris, a collection of mixed-media sculptural assemblages from the shores of the Mediterranean.

While Meera sets into motion the discourse on the current environmental situation, Meghna Singh Patpatia takes it further by drawing on the synergies of natural and man-made elements. Her artworks, composed of pen and ink fused with textile and wood fascinate viewers into a pre-historic aeon comprising sentient beings and neutral forms that exist in a surrealistic portal.

Mahima Kapoor also experiments with layering to exhibit a vast visual depth through her paintings as well as sculptural installation work. She views the world around her through an artistic lens often finding herself in nature drawing inspiration from it.

Sukanya Garg’s artistic practice is deeply influenced by her journey with healing and her interactions with nature in the process. The artist explores the fragility of our existence and unconscious connections between the body and the universe. For Sukanya, the very core of her artistic practice is instilling hope through the medium of art.

Vandana Kothari is fascinated by the variety of sub-narratives that form the basis of human routine experiences. Through her iconic visual language composed of dots, she explores the idea of an image, bordering on abstraction and representation.

Gerhard Richter has rightly quoted, “Art is the highest form of hope”!

When: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm; April 5 – May 15
Where: Art Alive Gallery, S-221, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi