Colour valley

- January 27, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan

The aim of the exhibition is to promote young and new upcoming artists, and represent diverse and rich culture of India through different colors

A group of 15 artists artists will assemble for an exhibition presented by RKG Art and Culture. Creative minds express their feelings through colors, brushes, knife, and other tools, using different techniques, forms, spaces division, strokes and texture to express emotions, mood, agony and joy of life.

In this exhibition will see the work of artists, Mousumi Bhattacharyya, Sawan Taank, Nisha Singhal, Pankaj Malasi, Azmat Sikandar, Asavari Karmarkar, Pragya Singh, Siddhi Sharan, Srishty Dua, Jyoti Yadav, Priyanka Aggarwal, Padmaja Patra, Aparna Kakar and Rida Rizvi.

Colour Valley is curated by Anam Shakeel, who completed her MFA in Art History and Appreciation from Jamia Millia Islamia. In the field of Art, she is a Historian, writer and Curator.

The aim of the exhibition is to promote young and new upcoming artists, and represent diverse and rich culture of India through different colors.

Speaking about Asavari’s work, the purpose of art for her is exploration. By immersing herself in the movement of colours, she imbued by the joy and exuberance of unexpected discoveries. Art is a manner of meditation for her; of losing and finding herself in all its hues and intricacies.

Canvas filled with greenery and drenched with monsoon signifies Mousumi Bhattacharyya. She started her colourful journey from tender age and she shaped her passion towards art. Her passion continued, which helped her to chisel skill and accomplish her endeavor towards perfection.

The works of Sawan Taank are characterised by fantasy in a real-world environment. He derives inspirations from poems, stories and folk tales. There is a recurrence of tiger of Jaguar as a protagonist in works because he wants to personify the animal with the male form of beauty.

Pankaj Malasi is Art practitioner, multidisciplinary artist and Art educator. He completed his bachelor in fine arts from college of art in year 2018 and completed his master in fine art from Viswa Bharati University in year 2020.

At the age of 45, Nisha Singhal decided to pursue her long forgotten passion of painting, by starting art classes for kids. Today after 5 years, she has exhibited her paintings at various art exhibitions across the country, received teaching certification from Fevicryl and mastered art forms like Oil and acrylic paintings, water colours, Indian folk art.

The Chief Guest of this exhibition is Mr. Suneet Chopra, Renowned Art Critic and Writer, Special guests,Mr. Rajan Shripad Fulari, Dean at School of Visual Arts, World University of Design and Vandana Pandey, Art Collector.

When: 11am – 5pm January 28 to February 4
Where: RKG Art and Culture Centre, near Gurudwara, 7B, CV Raman Road, New Friends Colony