Delhi: Group art exhibition at Korean Cultural Centre India

- June 26, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

This exhibition will showcase artworks from 10 artists, five from Korea and five from India. The display will include paintings, Korean ink-and-wash paintings, sculptures, and media works

Delhi: Korean Cultural Centre India, in collaboration with Korea-India Contemporary Artists Association, will hold a group exhibition consisting of the works of 10 representative contemporary artists from Korea and India.

The exhibition will be held at the gallery of Korean Cultural Centre India in New Delhi from June 27 to September 27 and will feature artworks of a total of 10 artists – five each from Korea and India. A variety of representative works, including paintings, Korean Ink-and-Wash paintings, sculptures, and media will be on display at the exhibition.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which will be held at the gallery of Korean Cultural Centre India at 4 p.m. on June 27, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to India, H.E. Chang Jae-bok, will be present as the ‘Guest of Honour’ along with the 10 participating Korean and Indian artists.

One of the key highlights of the ceremony will be the Artists’ Group Performance that will involve 9 artists simultaneously showcasing their skills on traditional Korean paper (called Hanji) using super-size Korean brushes. The ceremony will also showcase video works by AI Generative artist Lim Changhyeon (whose art name is Titian).

This session will be followed by a Korean sijo (Korean traditional poetic form) recitation by Dr Hwang Soongak, who is working on the globalisation of the Korean sijo. It will include Korean and Indian poem recital with the works of Keshav Malik, a leading Indian literary artist along with Korean sijo. Thereafter, there will be a seminar on Korean traditional tea by World Tea Academy Director Yi Hongjoo and a tasting of Janggun tea will be followed as a special program.

The artists participating in the exhibition include Korea’s Lee Minjoo, an experienced artist who has held 60 solo exhibitions to date as president of the Korea-India Contemporary Artists Association and director of Samsim Art Gallery; Cheon Seongkyu, the Professor of Art at Mokpo University, who will draw in acrylic the original space of culture where the soul and body coexist through the elegant curves and images; Lee Mansoo, Professor in the Department of Oriental Painting at Sungshin Women’s University, who will create a space of Korean aesthetics by constructing the space and time of ideas and unconsciousness that transcend reality. The two other Korean artists include Lee Eunsook, who pursues the freedom of existence through Korean ink painting, and Kim Hojune, the director of Name Studio, who expresses the fundamental paradox of human desire in three dimensions.

Indian artists who are members of the association and participating in this exhibition include artist Niren Sen Gupta, who has taught art at various art education institutions for over 30 years and is respected as a leading figure in semi-abstract art in Indian contemporary art; Kali Charan Gupta, who is considered a representative Indian modern abstract painter and winner of the National Award from the Lalit Kala Akademi; Santosh Kumar Verma, who is also considered a representative contemporary artist and has won various awards, including the Indian Government’s National Award from Lalit Kala Akademi; Meena Deora, a female contemporary artist who is leading dynamic yet meditative semi-abstract paintings in Indian contemporary art field; and Shovin Bhattacharjee, a representative digital artist who has pioneered the field of sculpture, installation art, and digital art by submitting digital art works to NFT art auction as a first time in India.

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Lee Minjoo, the curator of the exhibition said, “The Korea-India Contemporary Artists Association was founded in 2002 for cultural exchange between India and Korea and held its first exhibition at the Lalit Kala Akademy, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi in 2002. Since then, exhibitions, workshops, and seminars have been held every year at exhibition halls in India and Korea. Currently, there are about 50 members from Korea and India in the association”.

“In connection with this exhibition, there will be exhibitions by our 50 Indian and Korean artist members from August 15 to September 22 at four exhibition halls in Korea, including Korea’s art space, Qualia. Through this exhibition in Delhi, we expect that Korean and Indian artists will not only play a major role in cultural exchange between the two countries, but also provide an important stepping stone for Asian art to advance into the world,” Lee Minjoo said.

Hwang Il Yong, Director of Korean Cultural Centre India said, “Korea and India clearly share a bond and intimacy with each other based on cultural similarities, and based on this, they have maintained a long-standing friendship. The theme of this exhibition, which hopes that the long-standing resonance between these two countries will continue forever, embodies the aspirations not only of our Cultural Center but also of the two countries”.

“This exhibition aims to embody the cultural homogeneity and bond between the two countries, Korea and India, and to stimulate the artistic senses of those who visit the exhibition to resonate with each other. This exhibition is part of the journey of the eternal partnership between Korea and India. I hope this can be an important milestone in the journey,” Hwang Il Yong said.

When: June 27 to September 27

Where: Korean Cultural Centre India in New Delhi