Duality of art

- July 8, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Gallery Sree Arts is all set to present 'Where the sky is pink and the clouds are green', the solo exhibition of Seema Pandey's recent artworks

Curated by Jitendra Padam Jain, the exhibition will explore the concept of duality in the nature and our surroundings. Pandey is fascinated by duality, by the ubiquitous presence of contradictions around, by the ambivalence within oneself, with nature and human behavior. Her artworks are creative showcases of this conflict.  She uses colors to express emotion. Clashing colors and sharp lines sometimes create a palette of sparring feelings on her canvases. While varying shades show turbulence, circular strokes alongside linear ones show opposing philosophies. Panday says, “Nature fascinates and inspires me as much as human and human behavior. Whether I am engaged with tangible or intangible forms in my works, I am dealing with the contradictions in nature. Dualities that sometimes complement each other and at times contradict each other, always make an interesting subject. ”

Where: Triveni Art Gallery

When: 11-20 July, 11 am to 7 pm