Exhibition: Ecstatic realm of truth and beauty

One of Marium's paintings (Photo: Sultana Marium)

Lokayat Art Gallery presents solo exhibition titled ‘Ecstatic World’ which will display 45 paintings of Sultana Marium, a Bangladeshi Canada-based artist. Her paintings explore a personal world that signifies a feminine sense of belonging to the environment, a flux of the inner world experienced and filtered by a woman’s organic sensorial system. The necessity of intimacy inevitably transforms her images into an abstract language which immediately achieves an additional semi-figurative feature. The figure’s outline often exists in her abstract world, which signifies a liberated feminine being seeking a symbiotic relationship with the natural world. Therefore, the audience of her artworks witnesses an empathetic tie between the artist’s subjective feelings and the world’s objective phenomena.

Where: Lokayat Art Gallery

When: 19 to 24 June, 11 am to 8 pm

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