Learning from the legacy

- November 17, 2022
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

OPS Art Gallery presents a group exhibition ‘Reflection of Tribes (An Indian Folk and Tribal Art Exhibition)’ which focuses on folk and tribal art

The exhibition will present artforms like Warli tribal painting, Gond tribal painting, Kalamkari, Phad painting, Hazaribagh tribal painting, Bengal Patachitra, Bhil Tribal painting, Rautawa painting, Leather Puppet Art, Kerala Mural painting, Sanjhi Art, Kangra Miniature painting, Cheriyal painting, Saura painting and Bhuta masks. 

The folk and tribal art traditions of India are the true guardians of our ‘Mother Nature’ and are constant visual reminders to us ‘Humans’. The tradition to emulate nature and rituals has begun to reflect in our modern life and aspirations. Although, these have evidently undergone a massive change over a period of time. These folk and tribal art forms in their own subtle way carry a message to respect and safeguard our global resources and leave a better future for our forthcoming generations. Each season abounds with a purely different natural splendour – to be explored and admired. The spring brings new blooms full of hope, the fall has a delicate display of colours to the winter’s magic and the energies of the summers. 

“India, in its diverse nature has its own interesting conventional and social characteristics, and each of its regions have their own local style and community workmanship rustic in nature and each creation has a story to tell. The true craftsmanship is carried down from generations to create a legacy for itself and showcase creative vitality,” says curator Kiran Kethline Mohan. 

When: 17 November – 23 November 

Where: Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road

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