Nature, every artist’s canvas

- August 23, 2022
| By : Judith Mariya Antony |

Exploring the common life with the magical outburst of colour, Shridharani Gallery presents ‘Colours of Mystery’ - a solo exhibition of Shrikant Kadam.

One Shrikant Kadam's art works.

The scenic sharpness of his works resonates the sounds of nature retaining the vigorous poetic vocabulary of nature.

His personal assessments of his skills have been expressed in each of the artworks. “I try to transform nature through my imagination and portray it in my special manner,” he states.

However, the works include no indication of aggressive robustness. The colours, which include ochre, earth brown, leaf green, and other grounded components of nature, blend together in a relationship that is learned at Mother Nature’s feet. However, mysteriously, they do not specify what a true representation of this or that natural object is. These colour combinations write a definition of nature that avoids any traces of formal suggestiveness and uses unique wording.

The flux of paint creates a multiplicity of nature, which is neither philosophical nor realistic, but speaks of his multidimensional tincture.

“The vivid shapes, and ever-changing and enchanting unique colours in nature are in synchronisation with changing seasons and are surprising and breathtaking’, says Kadan.

This inspires the artist to discover minute wonders of nature and try sincerely and persistently to reproduce it on my canvas.

The latest collection provides a window into how Kadam perceives and understands his emotional universe. For many years, he has dedicated himself entirely to his artistic endeavours.

He has introduced us to his fantastic, mysterious universe through his paintings. This series is bold in its expression and steady in its thinking.

The artist displays a clear flow of ideas and avoids superfluous embellishment. They resemble fragments of abstract virtual-world visions that are treasured in memory.

The canvas and the artist’s spirit are still interacting. However, as the creation enters its final stage, the artist starts to feel more at ease with it. Every artist strives to escape the constraints of the existing framework in the illusion of every reality, however invisible.

Where– Shridharani Gallery Triveni Kala Sangam 205, Tansen Marg House
When– 22 August to 30 August 2022