- November 18, 2022
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

Painting was Shafali R. Anand's first love, which blossomed into an all-consuming and eternal devotion

Shafali R. Anand’s oil paintings are the visual representations of the emotions one feels on the rollercoaster ride called “life”. These phenomenal paintings will be displayed in her art show ‘Revelations’.

The vibrancy of her work defines emotions through a diversity of colours. Emotions that felt through twisting, turning bodies — emotions made of joyful yellows and greens that occasionally sink into leaden browns and deep purples, and of serene blues and aquamarines that smash into angry reds and oranges.

This collection’s oil paintings are about one’s interactions with others and with themselves, while the pen and ink depict the reflection in nature.

“These paintings pay witness to the fortitude, perseverance, and patience that provide the groundwork for success, as well as the reveal of the fears and tears that remain hidden in the foundations that are never visible, but without which the edifice of achievement would not exist. View this collection to feel the power of the colours and the speed with which the brushstrokes convey a tale,” says the artist.

Growing up in the Himalayas, Shafali discovered a “close companion and confidante” in her sketchbook, and they’ve been together ever since.

She trained to be an engineer and strived to guarantee that financial concerns would not interfere with her ambition to spend her life producing art that spoke to her spirit. She has been a professional painter for almost a decade and a half.

Her work has appeared in The American Spectator, The Suit Magazine, Talk Business and Politics, and other journals throughout the world. Her work is in private collections in India and overseas, as well as organisations all around the world, including the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

Painting was Shafali R. Anand’s first love, which blossomed into an all-consuming and eternal devotion. “I paint what I feel because my feelings transform into forms, colors, and shapes. The majority of my paintings are snapshots of what I saw when I was experiencing extreme emotions,” she says.

When: 22 to 28 November 11 AM to 7 PM
Where: Gallery No. 5, Lalit Kala Akademi, Rabindra Bhawan, Ferozeshah Road, Near Mandi House Metro Station, New Delhi.

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