Blooming in the autumn of life

- June 11, 2023
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

Krishna Saksena, who has come out with her 13th book at the age of 94, talks of her struggles and advises youngsters to stay close to nature and not mobile phones

PRODUCTIVE LIFE: Krishna Saksena has written 13 books in her career

Krishna Saksena, a 94-year-old author, is still going strong and making giant strides in the field of writing. Her 13th book, God is Love, was released on May 19 by Union Minister General V.K. Singh.

Her previous works have delved into a large range of topics, including women empowerment, parental relationships, and the ever-changing face of our society to initiate dialogues that can impact the reader’s life, emotions, and relationships deeply.

Her books have been recognised by a variety of people ranging from ministers, intellectuals and regular readers. Despite her age, she continues to delight and enlighten with her unique, conversational style of writing. Some of her notable works include Scattered Thoughts, My Joys and Sorrows, Whispers of Time, Bouquet of Flowers, Life, The Price of Innocence and Baal Geeta.

“My younger child was declared mentally unstable. We tried medications but it didn’t work. I was told to pray to Maa Ambe and I did that continuously. It also didn’t help. But my faith in God remained unwavering. That’s the message I want to convey through the book,” said the writer, recalling personal experience.

The nonagenarian says that her latest book has the potential to bring inspiration and transformation to numerous lives. She hopes that readers will embark on a journey of self-discovery while delving into its pages, allowing profound words to touch their hearts and souls.

Furthermore, Krishna elucidates that her book explores the evolving nature of love in contemporary times. It emphasises the importance of meaningful, selfless, and profound love, contrasting with the prevalent culture of casual relationships where individuals easily move on when faced with difficulties. The book encourages sticking together to cultivate wonderful and enduring connections.

The author highlights that modern society not only witnesses people abandoning their partners easily but also losing faith in God.

RELEASE: General VK Singh released Krishna Saksena’s latest work ‘God is Love’

She emphasises that God embodies love and has a divine plan even during challenging times. She urges readers not to lose faith in their relationships, whether with their partners or with God.

When questioned about the driving force behind her perseverance over the years, she replied, “It is my unwavering faith in Maa Ambe that has provided me with the resilience to forge ahead, even during challenging circumstances. There have been times when things haven’t unfolded according to my desires, and I’ve faced illness. But the continuous flow of ideas and her encouragement to express myself through my work have fuelled my motivation and determination to keep pushing forward.”

Additionally, she elaborates that her work has served as a steadfast companion, advocating for her and representing her identity.

“Coming from a background that was not progressive, particularly for women, I acknowledge that there are still individuals who still hold such regressive views. However, my work and the recognition I have received, empowered me to assert myself in the manner I desired.”

She further clarifies that, getting doctorate in English wasn’t a matter of choice but compulsion.

“I had three sisters and all of them got married in their 20s but my marriage proposals were rejected continuously so then my father asked me to focus on studies. A rickshaw-wala was arranged specifically for me. He used to pick me up from the college and drop me back. Then, I decided to focus on my education and ended up receiving the first doctorate in English [for a woman from Uttar Pradesh] back in 1955. But education wasn’t considered a priority for me, but a backup option which was and is very wrong,” she said.

These experiences, she emphasises, have played a pivotal role in shaping her identity.

“That is precisely the message I aimed to convey to everyone, particularly the underprivileged children I once taught. My intention was to instil in them the significance of education and the value of advocating for themselves,” she added.

“I hope my accomplishments have provided a powerful rebuttal to those who doubt women, and have challenged societal stereotypes.”

Her path as a writer unfolded unexpectedly.

“Nevertheless, my path as a writer unfolded unexpectedly. The overwhelming love and appreciation I received for my initial book took me by surprise. My first book revolved around Bhagavad Gita, and its widespread popularity surpassed my expectations. Among its admirers was KN Rao, the renowned astrologer, who not only expressed his fondness for the book but also took the initiative to have it translated into Hindi and distributed it himself. His enthusiastic response served as a catalyst for me to continue writing, and ever since then, each subsequent book has been received with even greater acceptance,” shares Krishna.

When asked about making any intentional changes in order to relate to the youngsters, she says there is no such deliberate change.

“I write what I like, and that’s what’s accepted by everyone, and I will continue to do so. What I do is try to make my writing conversational so that it piques the interest of the young readers. The subjects that I deal with are particularly beneficial to the young generation considering there’s a lot of emotional turmoil going around these days.”

The seasoned author concluded by sharing one piece of advice for the upcoming writers: “Be close to nature, there’s beauty and inspiration everywhere. Like watching a sunset, hearing the birds chirp, that’ll help you more in life than a smartphone and any app will ever do. Be closer to yourself, be closer to God and divinity. Sometimes, it’s okay to take a few steps back when you’re going through a creative block rather than forcing yourself, be patient and have faith in the process.”