…Even college fee is cheaper than inspection

I recently graduated from the Faculty of Law. Last year, I wanted to apply for the inspection of my answer scripts but in the absence of a proper mechanism, I could not do so. When I used to study at Delhi University, my annual college fee was around Rs 5,000. But when it comes to rechecking answer scripts, a copy is provided at Rs 750, which is way too expensive. So basically, our college fee is lesser than what we are asked to pay for rechecking.

This seems like a way to discourage students from applying for re-evaluation or inspection. Most of the students just accept their marks to avoid paying this unreasonable amount. Except those who failed the exams or got way lesser than what they had expected, there are hardly any students who get their copies checked. The university is allowing their monetary agenda to govern mechanisms that need to be freely available to students.

— As told to Shruti Das


  • From 2015 to 2018, Delhi University has earned more than 2 crores from re-evaluation of answer sheets.
  • During the same period, DU earned Rs 23,29,500 from rechecking and Rs 6,49,500 from providing evaluation copies of answer sheets to students.
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