Chef of the Week

Sanjay Mishra, Head Chef , Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar-Noida

Chef Sanjay Mishra has experience of more than 13 years and has acquired a fine understanding of cuisines and modern presentation styles. He loves interacting with guests even during his busy operation to check out the guests’ satisfaction level. He has worked with premium brands including Taj Hotels, Royal Mirage Dubai, Jebel Ali Dubai, Hilton New Delhi and Eros Hotel New Delhi. Currently he is with Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar-Noida.
In a candid conversation, he talks more about himself and his work:

How do you define yourself?
A person who loves to cook and likes to hear appreciation for his food.

What is your philosophy of cooking?
My philosophy of cooking is very simple one should be in love with his ingredients and get the basics right only then the correct cooking would be achieved.

Had you not been doing this, then what?
If I was not a professional chef then also I would be doing experiment with cooking for my son after my office hours.

What is your source of inspiration?
I have learned lot from my mother about techniques of cooking, organizing and from my college faculty Mr. Thiru who really inspired me and transformed me to a professional chef, I was impressed from the knowledge he had and the respect he commanded.

What skills are necessary to be a good chef?
A Chef should have love for his food & passion for his cooking, ability to judge the taste, should have good accounting skills , he
should work like an artist to make food presentable, he should be a good manager as well.

How do you de-stress yourself?
Taking out time from busy schedule and playing with my son this is the only way to de-stress myself.

If you had to describe yourself in one word?

Favourite dish?
Dum aloo prepared the way my mother and sisters use to cook. I have a very fond memory of it.

Your hot-selling dish?
Atlantic salmon with fondant potatoes & green pea mash.

Your philosophy of work?
Sincerity and dedication

Lessons learnt in the kitchen?
Always plan your work (in basic kitchen terminology it’s called mise-en-place)

Last meal on earth: What would you choose?
A simple home cooked Rohu fish curry and rice.

10 years from now?
Having my own restaurant where I could try out my concept of using only fresh and seasonal ingredients.

What is the best career advice you have received?
Love what you do and keep your passion alive.

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