Chef Rajiv Malhotra has been associated with Old World Hospitality since February 2004. He heads the kitchen of Chor Bizarre restaurants and also manages the restaurants in Delhi’s Habitat World including Delhi ‘O’ Delhi, Past Times, The Deck, The All American Diner, Eatopia and also the Conference and Banquets.

Hailing from Haryana, Chef Malhotra inherited culinary skills from his mother at an early age and credits her with teaching him the perfect techniques of preparing Indian cuisine. He excels in presenting authentic Indian food prepared with the right ingredients.

The passionate cook, with kebabs as his specialty, has also participated actively in various competitions and has proudly brought ‘The Best Kashmiri Restaurant’ award to Chor Bizarre by Times Food Guide and HT City Eating Out Guide for seven consecutive years.

He has also launched several restaurants like Tikka Town, Granma’s Homemade, Past Times, Pizzavala, ChaatWaat & Tabakh in Lavasa.

In a candid conversation, he talks more about himself and his work:

Your philosophy on food.
I believe in conventional ways of cooking, the techniques may be modern but the recipes should be authentic, prepared using seasonal ingredients.

Your favourite cuisines?
Indian and Italian

Your idols?
Gordon Ramsay and Sanjeev Kapoor. I also admire my colleague Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent.

Your fav spice?
Caraway seeds! It’s an amazing flavoring spice which can be used in various Indian as well as western dishes. Shahi zeera helps enhance flavours of dishes such as rye bread, Masala Chaas, kebabs, bhindi (okra), savoury muffins, masala chai and a few others.

Your hot selling dish?
Tabak Maaz and Chicken Tikka Masala are two hot selling dishes at Chor Bizarre.

Lessons learnt in the kitchen?
Over the years I have learned it is important to be positive. There are lots of situations where panic prevails but handling the crisis with positivity and confidence can help us sail smoothly.

How do you like to de-stress?
I love spending time with my family and watching old Bollywood movies.

How do you define yourself?
A positive person. I don’t like to say ‘no’ to anything, I like to explore life and accept challenges.

What are you passionate about?

Last meal on earth, what would you choose?
Butter Chicken, Dal Chor B’zar and Garlic Naan.

Tabak Maaz ingredients
Serves: 4 People
Ingredients Quantity
Mutton ribs 1,600 g
Milk 200 ml
Oil 50 ml
Green Cardamom 40 g
Hing 30 ml
Salt 30 g
Ginger-garlic paste 50 g
Saunth powder 10 g
Saunf powder 30 g
Dalchini 20 g
Jabitri 5 g
Black Cardamom 5 g
Cloves 5 g
Bayleaf 5 g
Haldi 10 g

• Add all the ingredients, except milk in a cooker and boil till meat is tender.
• Remove the meat pieces, cut into smaller pieces (2”x2”).
• Strain the stock, add milk and bring to boil.
• Once again, boil the ribs pieces in the stock for 2 min.
• Strain and keep the pieces aside for some time. Serve by grilling on a hot plate.

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