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A chic restaurant at CP, Bombay Brasserie, offers a melange of unique recipes from various regions

Brasserie restaurant is like rediscovering India through a culinary journey. A mélange of unique ingredients sourced from various regions of the country and hand-picked from local farms and suppliers lends the place its uniqueness.

Here, the menu is divided into two sections — Small and Big Plates , plus street grills & paired curries.. From the Smalls menu, the Fiery Thecha Prawn made with Thecha, Naga Gosht Pepper Wings, tangy wings dusted with Bhoot Jolokia is out of the world. The Goan Pao Puffs, cooked with vinegar sourced straight from Mapusa and also the 1960 ‘Atho’ Salad, inspired by the Chennai Street-side specialty which uses Red Tamarind are a few favourites that are reinvented while retaining their authentic soul.

In the Big Plates, the Ismaili Kofta Biryani introduces an Indianized version of Scotch Eggs, peppered with sour cherries and keema. While the Achari Biryani, a slow cooked vegetarian delicacy celebrates seasonal pickled vegetables.

Signature veg

Aam Papad Paneer
Paneer and lotus stem tossed with special sundried mango and street food spice. Aam papad is sourced from Amritsar.

Gunpowder Potatoes
Baby potatoes in an incredibly flavourful, homemade, Southern-inspired ‘masala podi’. The Molaga Podi spice is sourced from Tamil Nadu.

Tilkut Masala Flat Rotis
Tempered tomato peanut chutney, spiced eggplant, ‘Tilkut’ masala sprinkle and Koshambir. The tilkut masala is sourced from Sangli.

Bombay Lunch Home Curry
Mixed seasonal vegetables simmered in Mumbai’s coastal masala, a rich and complex blend of over 20 spices, best eaten with fragrant rice steamed in tender banana leaves.

Chilli Cheese Kulcha
Mini kulchas stuffed with chilli cheese, a great new way to sample Bombay’s famous chilli cheese toast.

Signature nonveg

Fiery Thecha Prawn
Prawns tossed with the fiery ‘mirch ka thecha’, a coarsely-pounded green chilli chutney with crunchy peanut, garnished with freshly grated coconut.

Rajputana Murg Soola Kebab
Coarsely ground, robust spices or ‘shikaar masala’ flavour these kebabs cooked on flaming skewers.

Naga Gosht Pepper Wings
Smoked and roasted spicy chicken wings flavoured with the Bhoot Jolokia Naga Chilli. The bhoot Jolokia is sourced from Nagaland.

Old Delhi Murg Boti with Butter Roomali
A rustic, street –style chicken boti served on buttered crisp roomali recalls the khao gallis of Purani Dilli.

Mario’s Mango Prawns Prawns cooked in the traditional Goan ‘Ambotik masala’, a deep-orange, spicy and tangy gravy, offset by the sweetness of ripe mango.

In a mood to have tea? Well, the ‘High Chai’ menu isn’t just a cup of tea at Bombay Brasserie, for here you will be taken to Bambaiyya streets with a delicious selection of favourites such as Chowpatty Special Bhel, Rasta Masala Toasty and Kutchi Dabeli Pao paired with the perfect selection of desi cocktails, beers on tap and a Chai-wallah-inspired variety of Chai.

Patiala Bar is another highlight. Old favourites from across cultures and countries comfortably sit alongside refreshing new brews. Bright ingredients mix to present classics with a twist, or pair elements that make for an altogether new journey. So, you have homemade liquor infusions in Desi Cocktails like Southern Express &Fauji Party Special to Desi Mocktails like Juhu Beach Gola and Not-so-Saada; which are all about seasonal produce.
Bombay Brasserie also brings to Delhi its killer Pauwa Cocktails — 180 ml of desi concoctions, . Paired with the right Chakhna: crunchy, tasty bar snacks, specials like Janta Bar — Masala Maar Ke & Kollywood Pop.

So, while you dine in the heart of the capital, the food journey will take you to the lush coconut farms of Tamil Nadu to Pink Salt of the Himalayas, committing to merchandise that is 100% natural and handpicked straight from the source. You dine and buy from the rare ingredients sourced from the length and breadth of the country.

Shikha Nath, Brand Director, Bombay Brasserie, of K Hospitality Corp says, “Bombay Brasserie focuses on flavours that have never been tried before, twisting old school recipes to suit today’s tastes. We use regionally sourced ingredients, like Aam Papad from Amritsar, Kashundi from Bengal and Emma from Shillong. After much research and trial, the menu showcases ingredients from across India that are completely unique.”

Where: Block H, Connaught Place

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