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An amazing view of the Qutub Minar and a charming European menu make Dita’s a restaurant for all occasions

Stylish dining destination by day, and plush bar by night – Dita’s in a picturesque location of Mehrauli, is yet another option for a memorable outing.

Encapsulating the charm of the European aura, the bar looks pretty with stunning mirrored ceilings accentuated with a striking rose gold finish, upholstered royal blue seating blending in and complementing the ethnic flooring perfectly. Enjoy the famous Delhi winters in outdoor seating space with a magnificent view of the historical Qutub Minar.

The melodious music is just right from cocktail jazz and contemporary acoustics in the day, to high energy upbeat numbers at night. Inspired by different regions of Europe and created by one of the premier mixologists of the country, the bar offers cocktail curations crafted to perfection — giving patrons exotic combinations.

Brain child of Udita Khaitan, a diploma holder in patisserie from the prestigious ‘Le Cordon Bleu- London’, Dita’s is her dream come true. She always dreamt of opening a high energy restrobar, both luxurious yet approachable in the capital. Derived from her name Udita, it draws inspiration from her culinary experiences while exploring the globe. So in a way, Dita’s narrates the journey of the woman of culinary excellence and seeks to tell her food story, radiating an essence of her personality through the hub she has created.

As she says, “I was fascinated by the restaurant space ever since graduating from university in 2012. In order to pursue my passion for baking, I attended Le Cordon Bleu London in 2014. Based on my exposure to different cuisines whilst travelling across Europe, I decided to open a restaurant in Delhi that offers the best selection of the food I experienced. The menu at Dita’s is an amalgamation of a number of cuisines including Italian, Mediterranean & Spanish. We focus very heavily on desserts as baking is my passion. This is my first venture and my vision is to make Dita’s the best standalone boutique resto-bar in Delhi”

Talking about the USP of Dita’s, she says, “I am fortunate to have been able to get such picturesque location. I love that Dita’s is a restaurant for all occasions. It is perfect for a luncheon with your friends during the day and provides the most romantic ambience for a date during the evening. The restaurant transforms from a cosy lunch place during the day to a sophisticated progressive bar during the evening. It offers something for everyone and that’s what I love the most. We offer fresh smoothie bowls using the best seasonal ingredients that are extremely light to the palate. Our cocktails are also very distinctive, offering a sense of theatre and occasion. Our printed coffees are another USP as we are the only restaurant in South Delhi where one can have these gorgeous and personalised cups of coffee.”

Talking about the menu, Udita says, “I love travelling and have visited a few places across the globe. I have always been passionate about food and when the idea of opening my own restaurant came in my mind, I decided to curate a menu inspired by the places I have travelled across Europe. The menu at Dita’s is a mix of a number of cuisines that include Italian, Mediterranean and Spanish. For starters, our covered outdoor terrace is perfect for the winters. Dining outside while enjoying the great weather and an amazing view of the Qutub is an experience in itself. We also have a new winter menu coming up that will offer some very different dishes, the likes of which are non-existent in the city currently. We are also in the process of launching our Sunday Brunches which will be extremely special”

Signature non-veg dishes:

Korean Popcorn Chicken-gochujang glaze toasted sesame seeds

Crispy bacon, egg yolk, parmesan shards

Fettuccini Miso Carbonara- Crispy bacon, egg yolk, parmesan shards

Galangal and Za’atar Spiced Prawns- herbed rice, side greens, smoked bhavnagiri chili dressing

Korean Bibimbap rice bowl-gochujang grilled chicken, pickled carrot, shredded nori eye yolk

Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chops-edamame garlic mash, charred broccoli, watermelon chilli reduction

Signature veg dishes:

Dita’s Signatures Curry Laksa- yellow & rice noodles, tofu, asparagus, broccoli, crispy onions, crushed peanuts

Cottage Cheese Steak Rata-touille- pesto pine nuts, balsamic glaze

Cheesy Pull-apart Garlic Bread- spicy marinara

Crispy Baby Churros- blue cheese dip

Mexican Rice Bowl- tomato rice, guacamole, charred corn, pico de gallo, mixed beans

Signature desserts and drinks

Every dessert is a piece of culinary art and made with utmost passion and creativity at Ditas. The menu includes some spectacular concoctions such as:

Chocolate Caramel Tart with Popcorn Ice cream- cocoa crumble, passion fruit pate, hazelnut mousseline, smoky chocolate ganache macaron

Vanilla Créme Brulee with Raspberry Coulis- exotic fruits, honeycomb, caramel opaline

Decadent Cocoa Coffee Entremets- dark chocolate mousse, coffee ganache, french biscuit, almond dacquoise

Merveilleux- raspberry coulis, lemon curd, crémechantilly

Ditas Signature Hot Chocolate Fudge- butterscotch ice-cream, honeycomb, cocoa crumble

Baklava Crumble-smokeyphyllo layers, crushed nuts, orange blossom honey, vanilla ice-cream

Signature drinks at Dita’s:

Hakuna Matata: gin, absinthe, banana, martini dry

Ditas Old Fashioned: bourbon white chocolate syrup, activated charcoal, angoustra bitters, burnt marshmallow

Tanin Love: tanin blended whisky, soy milk, egg white, red wine, soda         

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