Lalit introduces drag brunch at its fine dine restaurant  

- June 27, 2024
| By : Idrees Bukhtiyar |

The hotel management said that drag brunch at OKO promises an unforgettable experience where delectable cuisine meets captivating entertainment

PERFORMANCE: Betta Naan Stop, a mainstream drag artist in the Indian LGBT community, hosted Sunday brunch at The Lalit

The Lalit New Delhi introduced ‘drag brunch’ hosted by the famous drag queen Betta Naan Stop.

Prateek Sachdeva, better known as Betta Naan Stop, is an Indian drag queen, model, and dancer. 

Betta has been performing drag for six years and has been the mainstream drag artist in the Indian LGBT community. Prateek is one of the headliner performers at Lalit Group’s queer nightlife club chain, Kitty Su.

OKO, a prominent fine dine restaurant at The Lalit New Delhi was set up for a dazzling affair on June 23 with its Sunday brunch menu and a power-packed performance by the drag queen.  

The hotel management said that drag brunch at OKO promises an unforgettable experience where delectable cuisine meets captivating entertainment.

“We have introduced drag brunch at the hotel after many years. We used to do it earlier and it has always garnered positive responses,” they said.

“The drag brunch is being served on every second and fourth Sunday at the restaurant,” they added.    

They further said that guests can indulge in a sumptuous spread of Asian delicacies curated by the talented culinary team of OKO, renowned for its fusion of flavours and impeccable presentation. 

Each dish has been crafted with perfection, ensuring a feast for the senses. 

“The menu of the brunch includes a delectable spread of pan Asian delicacies from Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisines. [There is] An exotic counter of a variety of Sushi, a separate Dimsum counter. Live teppanyaki, and a lavish main course spread. Desserts are signature delicacies by Chef Suriya,” they said.

Betta Naan Stop, best known for their electrifying performances and vibrant personality, entertained guests throughout the brunch with their signature blend of humour, music, and performance, creating an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

Betta Naan Stop said that they were excited to perform at the hotel. 

“The Lalit has always been at the forefront of inclusion and curating events with innovative concepts. Moreover, it’s a safe space where all queens and kings love to perform. Drag brunches are engaging and entertaining. Our guests enjoyed it and I am looking forward to hosting more of these in the coming weeks,” Betta said. 

“OKO has always been synonymous with culinary innovation and cultural experiences, and events that enable our society to think beyond the box. We have hosted drag queen story for hours here and are thrilled to curate drag brunch at OKO, offering our guests a unique blend of exceptional dining and entertainment,” said Keshav Suri, Executive Director, The Lalit.