G20 Tribute: Delhi’s fourth waste-to-art park unveiled

- September 7, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

The park in Chanakyapuri contains metal sculptures of national birds and animals of the participating G20 countries

Peacock, the national bird of India, representing the country

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) inaugurated its fourth waste-to-art themed park, a creative tribute to the forthcoming G20 Summit. Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena oversaw the grand opening of the commemorative park in Chanakyapuri, which boasts of 22 spectacular sculptures fashioned entirely from discarded metal.

“The idea for this one-of-a-kind park was conceived in December 2022 and has now come to life through the artistic prowess of 25 talented artists from Ministry of Culture’s Lalit Kala Academy,” said an NDMC spokesperson.

The park’s captivating collection showcases sculptures of national birds and animals of the participating G20 countries.

Among the menagerie on display, visitors can marvel at sculptures representing India, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and other nations. These eye-catching creations stand in a circular formation, all seeming to gaze towards a central fountain that serves as the heart of this artful enclave.

Each sculpture is a testament to the skill and creativity of the artists who have meticulously welded together iron bars, metal plates, discarded automobile parts, gas cylinders, and other forgotten odds and ends to breathe life into these animal and bird representations.

The newly revitalised park has quickly become a magnet for locals and tourists alike.

Vijay Sharma, accompanied by his children, enthusiastically shared, “I am here with my children to show them these interesting birds and animals. They are quite fascinated by it.”

This remarkable park is the fourth of its kind in the city, joining the ranks of Delhi’s other ‘Waste-To-Art’ parks. Just a few months ago, MCD redeveloped the Shaheedi Park at ITO, proving that Delhi is truly embracing the transformation of waste into artistic wonder.

Delhiites and visitors now have the privilege of experiencing the world’s diverse wildlife through the innovative lens of waste-turned-art, making this park a symbol of city’s commitment to both environmental consciousness and creative expression.

Peacock, the national bird of India, representing the country
American Bison representing United States of America
Redwing representing Turkey
Camel representing Saudi Arabia
Jaguar representing Brazil
Lion representing Great Britain
Brown Bear representing Russia
Puma representing Argentina