To Japan and beyond

For residents of Delhi, Japanese cuisine is only a short drive away — and now there is one more reason to visit Sakura for its pan-Asian menu.

The legendary Japanese restaurant Sakura at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, recently introduced a delectable new Asian Cuisine menu. Having served authentic Japanese delicacies for more than two decades, the stylish, award-winning, fine-dining restaurant adds a perfect fusion of pan-Asian taste and tradition to its famed Japanese gastronomic artistry.

On a sunny winter afternoon, unravel the remarkable flavours from Korea to Indonesia to Mongolia to Thai and more. Lovingly curated by Head Chef Swapnadeep Mukherjee and his team, Sakura’s menu is designed to appeal to the more evolved palate.
Food connoisseurs can delight in an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies – just the names will do to give an idea of how exotic they are:

  •  Avocado Salsa Salad
  • Spicy Salmon Ceviche Salad
  • Steam Boat Soup
  • Poh Pia Je (Thai vegetable spring rolls)
  •  Prawn Sugarcane (minced prawn on sugarcane sticks with spicy sauce)
  • Tod Man Pla (Thai fish cake)
  • Lumpia (Indonesian deep fried chicken spring roll with sweet chilli sauce)
  • Gochujang chicken (Korean style fried chicken)
  • Kung Pao (mushroom, bell pepper, baby corn with dried chillies & cashewnut, choice of veg or chicken)
  • Silken Tofu (bean curd with mushrooms and bamboo shoots)
  • Mongolian Lamb Balls
  • Steamed Pomfret
  • Oyster Lamb
  • Tenderloin Bulgogi (fine slices of tenderloin stir fried with Korean soy and sesame)
  • Foojing Rice (chicken, green peas, scallion fried rice).
    From the veg options, the dish which stand out are:
  • Hiyayako (Chilled tofu topped with spring onion and ginger)
  • Avocado Salsa (Diced avocado, onion and bell peppers seasoned with Thai herbs and chilly)
  • Yasai Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza with vegetables, cheese and Okonomiyaki sauce.)
  • Veg Sui Mai (Dim sum with cream spinach and mushroom).
  • And then there is Yaki Soba: Japanese pan-fried noodles with exotic vegetables.
    For non-vegetarians, chef recommends Unagi Kabayaki — barbeque eel with teriyaki sauce; Thai Chilly chicken — chilly chicken with coconut milk and cream and Prawn Tempura —deep-fried battered prawns with sauce. Round off your meal with in-house Matcha ice-cream that has the flavour of green tea.

Facts :
Lunch: 12–14.30 pm, Dinner: 6-11 pm
Meal for Two: Rs 3,000 + tax
Address: Sakura, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, Bangla Sahib Road, New Delhi




Recipe by Head Chef Swapnadeep Mukherjee

Lamb mince 100g
Couscous 20g
Scallion 20g
Garlic 20g
Egg 1
(chopped) 20g
Olive oil for flavour
Mint to garnish
Ao nori herb 20g
Salt to taste
Five spice 5g
Cinnamon powder 5g

1. Put mince lamb, egg, couscous,
scallion, parsley, olive oil, five spices
and cinnamon powder in a bowl
2.Mix well and make into balls.
3. Refrigerate and then deep fry.

For sauce
Add chilly garlic in stock and thicken with corn starch.

Add fried meat balls into sauce and simmer until tender. Garnish with mint leaves


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