Three injured after stage light falls on spectators during Ramlila in Delhi

- October 17, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

As a sudden gust of wind swept through the Ramlila ground, a stage light fixed 12 feet high fell on the spectators injuring the three

Three individuals, including an 11-year-old boy, sustained injuries when a stage light fell on them while they were attending a Ramlila event near the Red Fort during Monday night’s gusty winds and rain in Delhi, according to the police.

A sudden strong wind at the Ramlila ground caused a stage light, positioned 12 feet high, to collapse onto the audience, injuring the three spectators, police said.

The young boy experienced nosebleeds, while the other two suffered minor bruises, police officer said.

The injured child was initially taken to Parmamand Hospital and later transferred to Ganga Ram Hospital under doctors’ observation.

Fortunately, he is now stable. The other two individuals had minor injuries and did not require hospitalisation, said Prakash Barathi, the secretary of Navshri Dharmik Leela Committee.

A police investigation into the incident is currently underway. (With inputs from PTI)