Post Festival Detox: Time to rejuvenate the body

- November 19, 2022
| By : Dr Reshma Khattar Bhagat |

With the end of the first round of festivities, those who fell off the wagon are seeking to resume a healthy diet. Here are tips to detoxify and live a happy gut lifestyle

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As a slew of festivals ended last week, the season of indulgence concluded. It is normal to grab sumptuous food and delicacies because no festive holiday is complete without them. However, to clear the system of all the enticing, but unhealthy food items, one might take the road for scientific detoxification to clean the gut and enhance its digestion powers. Detoxification is basically helping your liver to clean itself.

Patriot spoke to wellness expert and founder of OneHealth Dr Shikha Sharma to provide her expertise and insight into resuming a healthy lifestyle after a prolonged festive season.

“Detoxification definitely helps and has been there since the origin of every religion. Detoxification has been the defining principle. A person for whom detoxification doesn’t work, it is because they do it chemically. They pick up stuff from the market without knowing if it is suitable for their body and they are doing that kind of detoxification. It has to be done scientifically and not randomly. It’s in every religion, every country,” she said.

Here are some tips

– One should follow a diet according to their body type. If one is following a diet according to one’s own body type, then automatically the body is intelligent to perform. Nutrition should be according to individual body type. For example, if there is someone with a body type that should not take curd, then we advise them to eat sesame seeds for calcium.

– The first rule is to not consume food items that go against your body. The second rule is to eat food according to seasonal changes. If you don’t eat based on seasonal changes then it will harm you.

– The third rule is to ea the correct combination. Like, you cannot have watermelon and milk (before or after). So, there are certain scientific rules that should be followed if someone is seeking a healthy life.

– During festivals, people tend to eat at odd times like late at night. So, for detoxification, you take four glasses of water and put 1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds, 5 tulsi leaves, little bit of ginger and 2-3 black pepper. Then, boil it and drink this water daily after you wake up. This will help your liver to digest all the bad food or bad fat that you have been consuming. This is something that is really helpful for detoxification.

– Whenever you are going out for a party or dinner, ensure that you have a bowl of fibre. You can mix some fibre in your breakfast cereal and have it before you leave or you can have a glass of milk and put some Isabgul and roasted half teaspoon of wheatbran so that way you have something in your tummy. Otherwise when people go out, they end up eating so many fried snacks that it hurts their intestine.

– Second thing, include triphala in your diet. Before dinner have two capsules of triphala which will balance your gut biozymes. So, have Triphala every day. Next is to have that detox water.

– Finally, have 300-400 gms of salad every day. That is the bare minimum.

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